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This show is all about freelancing and entrepreneurship (and all the fears, roadblocks, and head trash that come along with it). Join me—your host, Angie Colee—as I talk to creative entrepreneurs from all points along the journey, whether they’re just starting out or experienced industry leaders.

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Episode 44: Matt Peet

Taking a chance and putting yourself out there is a scary experience for any business owner. When Matt approached a marketing superstar, he had a solid strategy but an even better mindset — no expectations. His...
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Episode 43: Jennifer Wells

Starting a business can be scary. When Jennifer started her business ten years ago, fear reared its ugly head. Rather than let it stop her, she asked, “how can I get around this?” and learned to...
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Episode 42: Ross O’Lochlainn

Before Ross left his engineering job, he had a plan and a deadline — which gave his subconscious plenty of time to let fear work its magic. Finding himself unemployable in a foreign country, Ross had...
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Episode 41: Jimmy Parent

Jimmy takes over? In an interesting twist, this episode kicks off with Jimmy interviewing me...on my own damn podcast?! Things just kept weirder from there. Whoopee cushions, freak flags and giant pies… who knows what will...
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Episode 40: Chima Mmeje

If you’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with “$10k a month” and “$100k a year”. Those numbers are thrown around so often it’s easy to feel pressured to...
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Episode 39: Brook McCarthy

After realizing her heart wasn’t in her fallback career and getting her self-esteem stomped by her then-dream job, Brook fled to Southeast Asia. She returned with the skills and right amount of confidence to start her...
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38: Christy Goldfeder

When heartache knocks on your door, sometimes the best thing you can do is pack your bags and get the hell out of dodge. That’s what Christy and I both did. In pre-Pandemic times, Christy set...
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Episode 37: Sandi MarLisa

If you’re a creative, you can’t be good at business and make a living. Sandi’s waving a big red BS flag on that crap. After losing her magic in the drudgery of everyday life, she rediscovered...
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Episode 36: Alix Penning

Alix taught us to be the hero of our own stories the first time they were on. This time we take a closer look at what your hero’s journey actually looks like. Turns out, it’s a...
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Episode 35: Fabienne Raphael

When you’re good at a lot of things, focusing on one thing can be a challenge. Instead of asking herself “What do I do?,” Fabienne asked, “who can I help?” That mindset shift helped her set...
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