Abbie Nwaocha: The Non-Attachment Guide to Business

Abbie’s ambition and energy took her far in business, but it also got her in trouble. What I love about her story though is how she never let imposter syndrome stop her — in fact she used it to her advantage. When it came time to switch up her business, Abbie had the right mindset to reinvent herself and let go of what was holding her back. Listen now to get the perspective you need to make your business enjoyable. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Feel like you don’t have enough “credentials”? Abbie had none but she didn’t let it stop her… and neither should you. Her strategy for getting the right skills is so simple — no student loan debt necessary

  • If a project only takes 15 minutes, you only charge for 15 minutes. *cough* BS *cough* Abbie and I break down how you can let go of the guilt and find value in how much time you spend (or don’t) on projects.

  • You’ve heard of Karen… but have you met Cindy? Abbie shares how one client’s draining demands led her to switch directions (plus a useful strategy you can use to keep client back-and-forth in check).

  • “Yo! That’s a hint!” — You won’t find this metric on your P&L but once you notice it, you can’t ignore it. (This one hit Abbie like a freight train so she’s sharing her experience in hopes that this doesn’t sneak up and surprise you)

  • What kind of lover is your business? Abbie has some relationship advice… especially if it might be time for a breakup (sounds weird but it makes so much sense!)

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Abbie’s Bio:

Abbie Nwaocha is a certified digital marketing expert. She has been a marketing consultant for solopreneurs and small business owners (and politicians) for over five years.

In those wonderful years, she headed all marketing activities for her clients – small business owners and solopreneurs in every field from publishing, real estate, politics, photography, online media, to eCommerce.

It has been such a wonderful career that it was worth taking a 6-year break from college where she studied Telecommunications and IT to pursue her love of marketing.

And now she is a marketing coach for new female entrepreneurs who want to build marketing systems that generates a consistent income of at least $5k per month.

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