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I love the word entrepreneur. It’s based on the French word ‘entreprendre’ — to do, or to undertake something—which means an entrepreneur is literally a DO-er. And don’t get me wrong, I love dreamers. Dreamers are the driving force behind everything awesome in this world.

But at some point you gotta move beyond dreaming and start DOING. That’s where I come in… I help creative professionals (like you!) get paid to DO the things they love.

So, what does that mean? It means I can help you…

  • figure out your first offer, even if you’ve never sold anything before
  • learn all the best tidbits about your audience, so you can get in their heads and figure out what they want (and make it for them… hello easy sales!)
  • calculate the right price for your services, so you can turn your side-hustle into your main gig
  • or even how to scale your existing creative company and get business really booming

Most importantly, I can help you DO what you’ve been dreaming about.

I have a few ways to help you with that:


Need a loving kick in the pants? Grab a one-off call, just you and me.


One-on-one business mentoring, equal parts ass-kicking and awesomeness.


Need a marketing and copy expert in your corner? I might be able to help…

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