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Customized support for creatives and founders ready to grow and scale without selling their souls, blending into the background, or grinding themselves into the ground.

Here’s how we can work together…

Option 1
Kickass Story Strategy

Do you struggle with talking about yourself?

When it’s time to plan out marketing or brainstorm a big talk, does your brain yell, “But I don’t have any good stories?”

I call bullshit.

Everyone has something interesting and intriguing to offer, but it’s hard to see the label when you’re stuck inside the bottle.

Let me be that mirror that reflects your awesomeness back at you.

After almost a decade as a copy chief and marketing strategist (not to mention several years as a podcast host), I have developed a system for extracting your best stories in a way that’s easy and fun.

Not only that, I can show you where and how to best use them in your marketing to build that deep connection with your followers so they become repeat customers and lifelong fans.

Option 2
Eat Play Launch

Periodically I offer in-person retreats designed to clear the cobwebs, jumpstart your imagination, and get. shit. done.

These are exclusive, all-inclusive events where all you have to do is get yourself to the venue.

Eat Play Launch (EPL) is designed with the neurospicy in mind… for one simple reason:

Focus follows fun.

We’re going to shake up the status quo and have a hell of a good time with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Past events included:

  • Driving bulldozers and digging in the dirt with backhoes
  • Throwing axes and shooting arrows followed by s’mores around the campfire
  • A VIP tour of Animal Kingdom park at Disney World

In locations like:

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Knoxville, TN
  • Orlando, FL

If you’re interested in learning when the next event is, sign up below to be added to the early notice list:

Option 3
Private Coaching

I work with a handful of private clients on an ongoing basis to create results like these:

  • A steady 6-figure creative coach discovered an untapped high-ticket private program. We created a framework and a simple sales structure to help her launch quickly. She filled her program within a matter of weeks, and now has a built-in next level step for her current students.
  • A 9-figure retail company had no re-engagement emails to recapture the attention of inactive subscribers. We added a few simple emails and made $8.4MM in sales to an already existing customer base… and they run automatically every time someone goes inactive.
  • A 7-figure agency owner had dozens of people ask him how he built his agency. We spotted an opportunity to create a high-ticket product and quickly created an email-only launch (zero slides, webinars, or production) to fill his beta training program and generated $90K in advance revenue… before he’d even finished building the training.
  • The 8-figure fitness brand that needed a new product but wasn’t sure which direction to turn. We ran a survey and had their most loyal clients and best buyers reveal an opportunity for an entirely new, high-end product line.
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Want to know more?

Here’s what you should know about working with me:

  • I don’t write for clients anymore, but can provide copy and messaging feedback as well as marketing strategy. If you need a copywriter, I have an extensive personal network of people I can connect you to.
  • My superpower is simplifying, and creating offers and systems that allow you to grow with more ease and space.
  • I only take on clients if I’m certain I can get you results.

You’re a good fit if:

  • You’re a digital creator, thought leader, or creative service provider who’s already got a following and a flagship product.
  • You have products or services people actually like and buy. I don’t work with people who sell shitty products.
  • You’re already generating revenue. (If you’re just getting started, I highly recommend my book Permission to Kick Ass to help you get money coming in quickly.)
  • You’re cool AF. I believe work should be fun, and that fortune favors the bold. If you’re quick to take action and can picture us enjoying a beer at the bar (or a coffee at a cafe)… this will probably work out splendidly!

Have something else in mind? I’m open to alternative collaborations. Just use the contact form and let me know what you’re thinking.

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