Permission to Kick Ass Podcast
Ideal Guest Manifesto

So you wanna be on the show? Here’s what you need to know…

First, the gotchas:

Heads up: we record 6 months' worth of content at a time. As of right now, we have already filled all available spots for the remainder 2024. We have not yet begun planning for 2025. Please check back for the latest updates - they'll be posted on this page. 

Still with me?

Excellent (picture me saying that with my fingers steepled, in my best impression of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons). I’m excited you’re here!

I’m always looking for amazing and interesting people to feature, especially folks with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. But you’ve also gotta be on board with the mission:

We’re here to help entrepreneurs. Period.

Around here, we believe EVERYONE has hard-won wisdom to contribute. I don't care if you've been in business for 6 months or 6 decades - you don't have to earn the right to share what you've learned. No one's coming along to anoint you "expert enough" to start helping people. You can share what you know right here and now, exactly where you are.

First order of business: be cool, and be REAL. Business can be tough. I want listeners to recognize they’re not alone in their struggles, that their vision is possible, and that the way forward is through. So in that vein, please be prepared to get really raw... to talk setbacks, challenges, obstacles, struggles, and mindset issues along with wins and pleasant surprises.

What will we talk about? That’s up to you, my friend! Your story is yours, and it’s important. I don’t have any set agenda or a list of interview questions. This is strictly a chat between friends, sharing what we’ve learned with listeners. If you get stuck on ideas for a story to share, I’ll help you get clear before we start recording.

Think of it like this: we're two entrepreneurs sitting at a bar, enjoying a beverage (doesn't have to be alcoholic!), and comparing business battle scars. Only we're recording the entire convo and everyone on the internet gets to listen.

Past guests have openly talked about lawsuits, about lives falling apart while running a business, about fears that almost brought them to a screeching halt before they even got started. If you're not comfortable with that level of authenticity and vulnerability, it’s totally OK… but you shouldn’t apply.

Speaking of applying… there are three ways to get on the podcast: personal invitation from me (Angie), referral from a past guest, or fill out the application. Any pitches sent via email, LinkedIn, telepathy, carrier pigeon, etc… will not be considered.

Last but not least… de-emphasize the offer. I am more than happy to give you a platform to share the latest cool thing you’re working on, or the awesome new deal you’ve put together. I totally get that you’ve got a business to run and I support you in making offers and asking for the sale.

But if you’re ONLY coming on the show to make sales or grow your audience - this will not be a good fit.

I’m all about giving… freely, generously, without any conditions or hidden agendas. If you come on the show, please do it first and foremost to share something you learned that will help people… and I will absolutely give you a chance to share whatever you might have for sale.

Still with me? Hell yeah, let’s do this!