Permission to kick ass: Granted

Hitting the wall when it comes to growing your business? Let's blow that sucker up and get you to the next level, with more time and energy (and revenue) for yourself.

Let's get real for a second...

People are at the heart of everything we do as business owners.


Search engines aren't buying from you. AI isn't knocking over tables to pull out the credit card.

And our offers and systems, while awesome, can't celebrate the highs and ride out the lows with us.

At the heart of any successful business are the Three Ps: Processes, Profits, and People.

That last one is THE most important one, hands down.

Because without people you don't have a business.

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Here's why I'm up on my soapbox...

I’ve met so many brilliant entrepreneurs and stellar business people who think they’re getting everything “wrong” because a fad popular strategy didn’t work for them. 

Sometimes they even find themselves wanting to go back to a job, because managing all the moving parts is overwhelming, and quite frankly... lonely AF.

Have you ever found yourself thinking…

• I’ve been at this for years now… where are these “easy” clients people keep telling me about?

• Every time I get myself on solid ground, I lose a client or the market shifts. How am I supposed to grow this thing if I never really feel stable?

• I’m not good with managing people - why would I add that stress to my already overloaded plate?

Hiring people was supposed to get me back some time and space to work on the business… instead I’m doing my work AND theirs.

• I know there’s something not quite right about how I’m hiring/training people, but I’m not a “serious” enough business owner to worry about management and leadership.

I hear this all the time, and it breaks my heart (and makes me want to set things on fire).

Entrepreneurs are the future. We're the job creators, the community builders, the forward thinkers.

Our work is important, which is why I'm on a mission to minimize the kind of overwhelm and stuck-ness that leads people to burn out. 

Except doing that WELL requires leadership and communications skills that you’re magically supposed to have, but no one’s actually taught you. 

Let’s change that shit.

Look… as we increasingly lean on AI and tech to grow, getting good at what I call, “Peopling” is going to become much more critical.

We’re already seeing folks spend hours perfecting an AI prompt while going for weeks without really talking to their clients or staff. 

And they wonder why it's hard to keep good people?

Imagine a business reality where…

You know exactly what to say to a contractor or employee when you need them to fix something, without any awkward feelings or second guessing.

You can put a stop to (or get paid for) extra work for that demanding client with a simple email that doesn’t destroy the working relationship.

Your team sticks with you for years, buying into the mission so fully that they’re bringing you ideas on how to make the business even better.

My name is Angie, and I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs and creators like you build a stable, FUN business you actually enjoy. One that lets you live the ever-loving shit out of this one and only precious life.

People are the key to finding all the success you’re looking for. I’m including YOU (presumably a human person) in that statement by the way, because…

Your worth is not your work. 

It’s only part of who you are, and you don’t have to sacrifice everything you are in order to build the business you’re envisioning. 

So if all this speaks to you, pull up a chair, grab a beverage, and get cozy… I think you’re gonna like it here.

Where You’ve Seen Me:

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Guidance that pulls no punches is the exact resource I needed to reach the next level of my business. And Angie doesn’t let people plateau. You won’t find a better coach, cheerleader, and ally than her. It’s comforting to know that when she tells you what to do, it's right.

Justin Blackman


You can’t go wrong in choosing Angie as a coach. She’s super supportive, isn’t afraid to shine a light on where you might be BSing yourself. Angie has the experience, expertise and wisdom to help you navigate your way to the next level.

Dan Ludgater


Thanks so much for helping me cut through my own BS and get the clarity I needed to knock this one out of the park. You have an amazing talent for giving expert advice, while also taking into account the whole "I'm a human with human stuff going on too" thing. I will definitely be booking a call again.

Rachel Mazza

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