There comes a point in business where there's almost TOO much opportunity.

Let's cut through all the BS and find a quick, simple-to-execute path forward that's incredibly profitable. My name is Angie and I help 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs launch new products, strategize marketing campaigns, and grow their empires... with confidence. I can help you too.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Some days it feels like starting a business is the best freakin' thing you've ever done for yourself. And some days you just want to burn it all down and start from scratch.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum - from "best decision ever, I'll NEVER go back!" to "what in the hell am I doing?" - odds are it's due to your own unique mix of clients, revenue, stress levels, and time commitment.

Hey, I’ve been there. When I first started out, I struggled with all this. I was constantly trying reassure myself...

"But this is just part of being in business, right? You have to work hard if you want to work!"

I spent years spinning my wheels until I finally realized a good business doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the most profitable and successful businesses are often incredibly simple.

Permission to Kick Ass is all about helping you confidently make decisions, own your expertise, and expand your business. The world needs that special thing that only you can offer, so let’s toss the head trash out on the curb (where it belongs).

Here's how I can help you:

I’m a business coach with a specialty in confidence.

Marketing confidence. Offer confidence. Confidence in client management and communications.

Together you and I will:

  • Streamline your 30-point business plan. I know you’re in love with it, but I’ve got easier ways for you to launch this week with much less effort, and you’ll generate more revenue this way anyway.
  • Are you surrounded by “yes people” who are terrified to tell you no? I’ll be your “no girl.”
  • Ditch your problem clients and customers and start finding people who are excited to pay you - on time!
  • Help you get focused on the ACTUAL stuff that’ll move the needle for your business, and get you sharing your unique brilliance with the world.

Permission to Kick Ass... granted.

I Help Creative Entrepreneurs Build Kick-Ass Businesses
that Give Them an Incredible Life with Lots of Freedom

About me:

A heavily-tattooed rocker turned entrepreneurial coach and force of nature. In my journey from cubicle copywriter to badass business owner, I’ve…

  • Consulted with 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses, helping them launch new products, build new revenue streams, and grow their brands
  • Coached hundreds of creative freelancers through finding clients, and landing (and confidently fulfilling on) the gig
  • Written and strategized several multi-million dollar launches, including two during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Done well over $50MM in direct-to-consumer sales
  • Spoken (and sung!) on stage and started a podcast called Permission to Kick Ass

And I’m just getting started. It wasn’t always vodka and rainbows, though...

Where You’ve Seen Me:


Guidance that pulls no punches is the exact resource I need to reach the next level of my career. And Angie doesn’t let people plateau.
You won’t find a better coach, cheerleader, and ally than Angie. It’s comforting to know that when she tells you what to do, it's right.

Justin Blackman


You can’t go wrong in choosing Angie as a coach. She’s super supportive, isn’t afraid to shine a light on where you might be BSing yourself, and has enough experience, expertise and wisdom to help you navigate your way to the next level.

Dan Ludgater


Thanks so much for helping me cut through my own b.s. and get the clarity I needed to knock this one out of the park. You have an amazing talent for giving expert advice, while also taking into account the whole "I'm a human with human stuff going on too" thing. I will definitely be booking a call again.

Rachel Mazza

Ready to get started?

Let’s see if working together makes sense! I have a variety of ways to help you get a handle on your business, without ending up burned out or back at the job.

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