Sometimes, the road out of the cubicle goes through hell. I know, I walked it.


Hi, I’m Angie!

Back in 2016, I was an overworked, underpaid, used-and-abused corporate copywriter. I put my heart and soul into every campaign, raking in millions for the company. In return, I got a two-hour daily commute, stress acne, 80 extra pounds, and a paycheck that was lower than the national average.

After one particularly humiliating experience (I actually got chewed out for writing an email campaign that generated over $8MM in sales), I’d finally had enough. I was done killing myself to make money for them.

I figured if I could make that much money for someone else’s company, I might as well work that hard and make that money for myself. I’d seen all the ads about making a living writing from anywhere in the world, and I wanted that laidback “passive income” life.

Should be easy, right? Wrong.


Don’t Should On Yourself.
It’s easy to get stuck in a comparison death spiral.
Instead of focusing on someone else, focus on what you can control — you.

My first few months of freelancing were rough.

Cue the studio audience: How rough were they?

So rough, that after a few months, I found myself right back in my old cube. To make that month’s mortgage payment, I took a temporary 5-day gig for my old company, and commuted into the old office so I could cover for a colleague on vacation.

I spent the first four days posturing about my glamorous freelance life. Unlimited naps! Telling that annoying client to eff off! No regrets! But on the inside, I was about a half-step away from B-E-G-G-I-N-G for my old job back.

Then on the fifth and final day, the universe served up a big ol’ bitch slap...

I got fired from a job I didn’t even freaking HAVE.


Working For Someone Is Not Job Security
The only real way to get job security is to get out there and secure it yourself. No one else will have your interests in mind the way you do.

It all went down inside an hour.

A lady from HR tapped me on the shoulder and told me I needed to pack my things and leave. I argued, looked for my old boss, tried to figure out what was going on… and noticed the office was suspiciously empty.

Turns out my old team had been pulled into an impromptu meeting where they all got the axe (and had to sign an “I won’t sue you” agreement just to get a fair severance). They were given 15 minutes to gather their things and get out. Most left without being able to save samples of their work, or even fully pack their desks.

We spent the afternoon at a local bar recovering from the shock, day drinking and commiserating.

I was miserable… because I’d been secretly hoping to get my old job and its “security” back. Now my safety net was gone and I realized I hadn’t built a business… I’d hired myself to be an employee and do the same damn thing that made me want to quit my job in the first place.

Until that point I’d let my business work me just as hard as my old job.
So I scrapped it and started again.


Stay In Until You Can Win
Sometimes you’re going to do everything right and still lose. True badassery is getting back up after you fall down.

I’m not gonna blow smoke up your ass about this. I don’t want you thinking it was easy for me to go from first-time freelancer to having all my shit figured out and building a thriving business. It wasn’t.

I learned every lesson the hard way. Sometimes twice.

Looking back, being there when the team was let go was the best thing that could have possibly happened to me. It forced me to take my business seriously and not like an “if I see some traction, I’ll put more effort into it” afterthought.

I overhauled my entire approach and doubled down on doing my own thing. Since then, I’ve worked with some pretty cool people and accomplished some pretty rad stuff like:

  • Creating marketing strategies and sales promos for companies like Masterclass, Copy Chief, The Hustle, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and Product Launch Formula.
  • Promoting and speaking at events for thousands of attendees from all over the world.
  • Rocking out on stage, belting out tunes with my writing heroes (including John Carlton, Kevin Rogers, and Parris Lampropolous.
  • Traveling extensively. I’ve worked (and played) in Colombia, Fiji, and cities all over the United States. In fact, I’m currently a digital nomad trekking from one Airbnb to another in search of adventure and a place that feels like “home”.

I learned a lot on my journey. Now I want to help you skip the hardest parts, and go directly to confidently strutting your stuff.

Because your stuff kicks ass.


You Got This
Your dream is possible, and there’s someone out there who’s already doing it. They can help you, and they WANT to. I know, because I’m one of them.

Ready to reignite your passion for your badass creative business?

Let’s see if working together makes sense! I have a variety of ways to help you get a handle on your business, without ending up burned out or back at the job.

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