Episode 59: Maggie Karshner

Fear is a dirty rotten liar… especially for entrepreneurs. And to deal with a liar you gotta call them out. That’s exactly what Maggie and I are doing in this episode. We take the fear-based myths of entrepreneurship and (lovingly) kick its ass out of your way. Prepare to feel liberated from the BS fear has been feeding you. Listen now!

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • SPOILER ALERT! Employment isn’t actually more “secure” or “safe.” Maggie’s got some perspective you can use to redefine security in entrepreneurship (and how you can feel more secure while doing your own thing).

  • Buddha — philosopher, spiritual leader, and business mindset coach? Maggie breaks down how you can use his wisdom to overcome real-life biz challenges… (including the ones we create in our minds).
  • Ever felt like you had to go it alone to be a true entrepreneur? Maggie reveals why that belief goes against our biology (plus its total BS!).
  • Let’s bust this myth: until you’ve put in your time and earned your “street cred,” it’s going to be hard to get customers and build a business. Not on your life. You’ve got something of value to offer here and now, beginner or not.

  • Phobias to freedom: hear the strategies Maggie used to overcome her near-paralyzing fear of needles and choreographed dancing (hint: and put them to use in your own life and business). 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Maggie’s Bio:

Maggie Karshner is a self-employment coach based in Seattle, WA serving solo-preneurs throughout the USA. Maggie is not going to tell you how it “should” be done (though she will share how she commonly sees people solve similar problems.) She wants to hear about your goals and help you achieve what’s important to you. Maggie is widely versed in all things relevant to self-employment. The organizational, structure, financials, management, marketing and promotion are all of her favorite things! And she loves working with independent thinkers who want to create an awesome job for themselves.   

Maggie launched her business coaching practice in 2014. Prior to that she had already acquired ten year’s industry experience encompassing managing a small business, supporting non-profits, and corporate business consulting. She has a BA in Geography from Syracuse University. She is an entrepreneur herself twice over, in addition to working closely with entrepreneurs throughout her career. 

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