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This show is all about freelancing and entrepreneurship (and all the fears, roadblocks, and head trash that come along with it). Join me—your host, Angie Colee—as I talk to creative entrepreneurs from all points along the journey, whether they’re just starting out or experienced industry leaders.

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Episode 65: Claire Fernan

Claire and I first met when she was a student in one of the programs I coach for. We were working on building and growing her career as a copywriter when she suddenly realized it wasn’t...
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Episode 64 with Brenna McGowan

Brenna’s focus on helping people allowed her business to evolve in a natural way. At each step of her journey, she took notice of what she liked (or didn’t), what she was naturally good at that...
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Episode 63: Ron Reich

What makes somebody want to step out from behind the guru and become their own brand? For Ron and I, it started with a gut feeling. And it was also feelings like fear, doubt and anxiety...
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Episode 62: Sonja Pemberton

It wasn’t by chance that Sonja has found her work educating the world about othering. As a young child, her curiosity and observant nature made her look at life differently. And differences were exactly what she...
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Episode 60: Miriam Schulman

Not wanting to be the “starving artist,” Miriam put down her paint brush and turned to the security of hedge fund banking. After her company went under and the 9/11 tragedy showed how fragile “guaranteed” stability...
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Episode 59: Maggie Karshner

Fear is a dirty rotten liar… especially for entrepreneurs. And to deal with a liar you gotta call them out. That’s exactly what Maggie and I are doing in this episode. We take the fear-based myths...
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Episode 58 with Daniel Lamb

Daniel’s entrepreneurial journey encompasses many of the standard obstacles entrepreneurs face. But what’s not standard is his ability to find the value in all of the experiences — the good, the bad, and even the panic...
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Episode 57 with Leticia Latino

Leticia found a lot of success but she also had a ton of challenges. When the massive company she worked for started to go under, she knew she needed to make a change. That’s how she...
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Episode 56: Kristen Donnelly

There’s a school of thought that says emotion and business don’t belong in the same business. I  think that’s a load of BS. Passion and emotion are how we connect, person to person… and that’s why...
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Episode 55: Thembi Bheka

Thembi started her business with a mission to empower women. Her purpose was so important to her that it drove her through some of the roughest challenges entrepreneurship has to offer. Thembi’s journey taught her what...
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