that time I walked into a refrigerator

Last year, on a long holiday weekend much like this one…

I found myself in HOTlanta. It lived up to that nickname too.

I was on a mission to find somewhere I could hang that 1) had air conditioning and 2) wasn’t super people-y.

That’s a rather tall order for a holiday, but nevertheless I persisted…

I’d heard about this cool speakeasy called Eleanor’s. The man who clued me in told me I had to go to this particular deli and ask for Eleanor.

Now… I thought something cool might happen when I did that.

I did NOT expect for the young host to walk me up to a gigantic refrigerator door to a walk-in cooler and tell me to have fun.

It turns out it WAS a refrigerator door – but behind it was NOT a walk-in cooler. It was a hallway leading to the speakeasy.

(Random aside – I wonder how many people in that deli were mildly concerned about noticed randos disappearing into the cooler NEVER TO RETURN because the exit was on the other side of the building)

As soon as the door closed behind me I knew it’d been a good call… the hall was dark and cool and the background chatter was minimal. I’d been granted my wish!

I sat down in a small room with a half dozen other people and proceeded to have THE BEST time (and yes booze was involved, but it was craft cocktails so it was fancy booze)… in a quiet, air conditioned place, away from the holiday crowds.

If you’ve ever felt that DEAR GOD GET ME OUT OF MY HOUSE urge on a holiday weekend while also wanting to avoid gigantic crowds of sweaty, grumpy tourists… then you probably are familiar with my hunt for Eleanor’s.

And starting a freelance copywriting business isn’t entirely dissimilar to dealing with holiday crowds.

There are grumpy, angry people complaining about things. There are crowded spaces where you can’t hear yourself think let alone make convo with another human. And there are tons of people just trying to sell shit.

So if you’re tired of the “holiday crowd” noise when it comes to figuring out your freelance biz, step into my not-a-refrigerator, my friend.

Ask for Kev… Kev Rogers. Because he runs one of the coolest speakeasys programs around for early stage copywriters who want to learn how to make a living with their creative skills.

Kev just opened up his Escape Velocity coaching program and while I can’t promise booze, I can promise that you will be in a cool space full of chill people all working toward the same goal.

Might be just the place you need to take the next step in your business…

Rock on,

P.S. If you join Escape Velocity through my link, I may get a small commission for referring you. I make it a point to only share products and services created by people I know, and that I’ve personally vetted.

P.P.S. I’ve had some folks write in to ask about whether EV is a good fit. Totally understand. If you hit reply and ask me, I will give you an honest assessment even if it means no commission for me. I believe in getting folks to where they need to be so they can go farther, faster.



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