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Day 4 of the Permission to Kick Ass Podcast launch…

It’s not often you have the chance to train someone and then later work for them. That’s exactly what happened with me and today’s guest, Chris Orzechowski.

Once upon a time, when we both worked for one of the biggest names in internet marketing, I wound up training Chris for his role on the copywriting team.

Eventually when he started his own agency (Orzy Media), he brought me on board to train his writers. Chris and I go way back, and have been working together a long time at this point. And I’m so excited to share this episode with you!

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If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, meet Chris:

He’s a true idea man if I’ve ever encountered one. And not only does he constantly iterate and reinvent himself, when he sets a goal he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time waffling… he just DOES.

For this episode, I got Chris’s take on launching a paid newsletter and starting an agency in a pandemic, and I love everything about his response.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • He prepared for six months only to launch a new product right at the start of a global pandemic: how Chris kept going when things started shutting down
  • The two big philosophies fueling Chris’s entire approach to business building (and these are practices anyone can put into play)
  • Where Chris turns when he needs the kind of feedback to help him get his head on straight and become the best at what he does
  • The only real competitor you should be focusing your attention on as you grow your business (this can make all the difference in your forward momentum)
  • How Chris reacts when someone tells him he can’t do something (it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking)

Give it a listen (and don’t blame me if you immediately sit down for a Mad Men binge-a-thon):

Check out episode four of the brand new Permission to Kick Ass podcast!

Stay tuned… I’ve got one more episode coming out this week, and then we’ll resume your regular Kick Monday’s Ass broadcast next week!

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