Kick Monday’s Ass: what are the odds? (Sept 20, 2021)

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

Today l’ve got a lot of gratitude. Partially because I got to hang with my family this weekend in a whirlwind trip to Houston and back for my 69-year-old father’s sudden nuptials.

But also partially because of the universe’s timing (and sense of humor).

My dad said something this weekend that had his new bride and I chuckling… he wondered aloud why he’d stayed with my former stepmother as long as he had. And it seemed so obvious to me… ’cause if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have met your new lady, Dad!

I feel pretty strongly that things tend to work out the way they needed to, and in their own damn time, regardless of how I feel about it.

I don’t know if that’s science or energy or straight up magic… but looking back on my life I can see this clear pattern of me getting impatient and wanting to push ahead. Then life would knock me right on my ass and keep me where I needed to be until I learned the thing I needed to learn.

Once I learned the thing, I’d be off to the races.

Sometimes I think about all the things that got me to here and now… Sad circumstances. Scary and stressful situations. Fun and false starts. Heartbreak and health scares. Struggles and setbacks.

Every situation came with hundreds of possible choices, and yet I made the ones that led here.

I read that the odds of you or I existing, here and now as the people we are… it’s so small as to be ridiculous. It’s more than 1 in quadrillion, because so many things had to line up JUST SO in order to produce you and me.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a damn miracle to me.

Without that heartbreak or those happy times, we might not exist at all.

That puts the struggle into perspective for me. It’s not that I think we deserve to struggle, or that some don’t suffer needlessly (or face incredible obstacles just to live).

But maybe it’s all leading me to where I need to be. And maybe the same is true for you?


Kick Monday’s Ass: Be the Boss of Your Business

A few years back I had the opportunity to coach an incredible person – Nkiru Asika. You may recognize her name from the PTKA podcast… I had her on a couple months ago (episode 24 about Owning Your Authority).

From the moment we started working together I knew Nkiru was going to change some freaking lives, and so I was thrilled when she invited me to speak at her upcoming 3-day virtual event: Stand Out Online (click here to get a ticket – it’s free!). It’s happening Sept 29, 30, and Oct 1.

I’m speaking on Friday Oct 1 about how to communicate with clients without getting into a battle of wills, so that you can be the boss of your business (vs being a freelance employee people like to boss around).

And there will be 27 other top business and marketing experts sharing their best tips, tactics and strategies to grow your visibility and business. Nkiru gave me a sneak peek, and here are a few of the other topics:

  • How to grow your audience on social media without overwhelm
    Growing your business with JV partnerships
    How to sell your services easily (even if you hate sales)
    The right way to launch a podcast that pays off
    and more…

Don’t forget to grab your free ticket here!

Badass of the Week

This week’s badass is a young man named Angad Daryani from Mumbai. When he was growing up, Angad used to suffer from asthma attacks, which were made that much worse by extreme smog and air pollution in the city.

As an adult, Angad is pursuing engineering and is on track to invent a device that can filter particulates and pollutants from the air, so that they can be remade into products people can use. In this case, decorative floor tiles. I’m a big fan of finding creative solutions for problems that seem so big as to be impossible to solve.

Angad’s story is just proof that one person with a mission can change the world.


New podcast episode!


Mental health is such an important part of running a business… so why don’t we talk about it more? Today’s guest, Darren Hanser, is on a mission to change that. After realizing something was off in his own business, Darren took action to find the real meaning behind the symptoms. If you ever felt overwhelmed with your business — this one’s for you.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • If your reaction to not performing at your best is “I suck! I need to buy a course and get a VA!” — Darren and I have a kinder (and more effective) approach for you
  • What’s the better productivity hack — indulging in screen time and afternoon naps or meditation and morning pages?
  • What a drunk girl and a smoothie can teach you about your business…
  • “Oh, it’s my anxiety, oh it’s my depression” – almost everyone struggles with mental health at one time or another, especially since the pandemic. But is knowing and naming the challenge you’re facing actually help you, or keep you stuck and comfortable?
  • “Dude, do you need a bandaid or something?” — Darren’s strategy for breaking the taboo of mental health silence is so simple and so needed.

You don’t want to miss this one. Click here to listen (and subscribe) now!


On Repeat This Week…


I mentioned I was in Houston last week, hanging with the fam. At one point my 21-year old brother and I were cruising through a national forest and comparing musical taste and this song came up on my playlist.

I’m not ashamed to admit that this is one of those songs that I will belt out at the top of my lungs when driving alone in my car. Today I bring you Hello My Name is Human by Highly Suspect.

I’m ready for love, and I’m ready for war
But I’m ready for more
I know that nobody’s ever been this fucking ready before, hey
(Do you need some time to think it over?)
So figure it out, or don’t figure it out
I figured it out
The bigger the river (the bigger the river)
The bigger the drought (the bigger the drought)
Get up off your knees, boy
Stand face to face with your God
And find out what you are
(Hello, my name is human)
Hello, my name is human
And I came down from the stars
(Hello, my name is human)



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