When do I get to be happy? with Diva Diaz

Diva Diaz joins us today FROM A CASTLE to talk about carving out your own path. I’m still in awe of how ranty we both got about false narratives perpetuated by all the gurus… because the energy throughout this whole convo is so calming.  Diva shared brilliant insights on how to keep moving forward through overwhelm, strong feelings, and all the fits and starts that we face.

Can’t-Miss Moments from This Episode:

  • You don’t need a new plan or the OnE SEcrEt HaCk – you need better filters. Diva and I break down what that means (and how to do it for yourself)…
  • What if it’s NOT actually your fault the “proven formula” didn’t work for you? Diva and I get good and ranty about the guru circle-jerk happening in the world of online biz…
  • How to instantly become the most interesting person in the room (this one’s a bit counterintuitive, but powerful)…
  • One thing you can do to increase sales (and it involves no funnels or tripwire offers whatsoever)…
  • Why I recently tried to burn my business to the ground, and how I brought myself back from the brink (can you identify?)…

This one will blow your mind wide open and introduce you to all kinds of possibilities. Listen now!

Diva’s bio:

Diva Diaz is a global speaker and facilitator of Access Consciousness classes and seminars that consist of a pragmatic set of tools and perspectives that allow you to change what isn’t working for you. Having held several positions in economic media and business intelligence opened her view of global business and piqued a curiosity about the brilliant minds behind some of the most innovative solutions in the marketplace today. Her interest in X-Men began when she came across Access Consciousness and realized that so much of what she had thought was wrong with her, was a capacity. Learn more by visiting, https://divadiaz.com.

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