Self-promotion without being subtle or slimy with Rob Broadhead

A developer and a marketer walk into a podcast studio…

This is a great one. Rob Broadhead and I are on our respective soapboxes about the lost art of genuine relationship building… especially as AI becomes more prevalent. Forget cold outreach and spammy tactics – we’re making human connection STUPIDLY simple. I couldn’t script this one if I tried – Rob brings the real talk and together we’ll have you rethinking your entire outreach strategy.

Can’t-Miss Moments from This Episode:

  • Collecting business cards is pretty much pointless. #isaidwhatisaid Rob and I rap on what really works when it comes to connecting at business events…
  • RANT ALERT: I have a beef with hyper productivity and how it puts pressure on efficiency over connection. Relationships 👏 should 👏 not 👏 be 👏 efficient 👏
  • Check out my dramatic re-enactment of a cold DM pitch, as if we were talking in a bar (it’s got some great tips on how to actually get attention if you can stop laughing long enough)…
  • Here’s what people on the receiving end think about your copy-and-paste cold pitch…
  • Why making a dramatic shift in your life or business is a hell of a lot easier when you’ve got a great network (and how to ensure you’ve GOT a great network vs a collection of business cards)…

Grab some headphones and let’s reconnect over what really matters… listen now!

Rob’s bio:

Rob Broadhead is a professional software developer in Nashville, TN and the founder of, helping developers advance in their career.

Rob received his MBA (with a concentration in e-Business) at the University of Phoenix. He also holds a BS in Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

He is a single father of five staying busy watching them grow up. This occurred after losing the mother of those children and his soul mate of 18 years to cancer.

Rob usually can be found in front of a computer working on his latest project, but sometimes gets away from the desk. He is an avid fan of ballroom dancing and playing hockey in his free time. He also enjoys writing and has authored both technical books and one detailing his wife’s battle with cancer.

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