Sarah Walton: Redefining Your Relationship with $$$

For Sarah, 2022 was a self-proclaimed “baptism by fire”. We’re talking divorce, major health crises with multiple family members, and even freaking melanoma! Her realization that, “OK, life is going to happen, and I can still make work fun” hit me straight in the feels. Sarah shares with us how she came out stronger, more successful, more self-aware, and truly confident in her ability to handle life, business, and anything it throws at her. If you’re looking for reassurance that there is life (and success!) after struggle, you’re gonna want to hear this one.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • #feelingsarenotfacts: I’ve had my fair share of anxiety spirals, and unless you’re an insanely zen human, I’m betting you’ve had a few too. If you need a quick trick to pull yourself out of the mind fu*kery that anxiety creates, Sarah and I have just the thing…

  • Spoiler Alert… This whole money thing? TOTALLY MADE UP! Yet we’re letting a made-up thing run our lives. Make that make sense! If making more $$ is something you want, this simple mindset shift will transform your relationship with money for good…

  • Bad news: Reaching your goals won’t magically wipe life’s problems clean and turn your world into a glittery parade of rainbows (dammit!). Good news: You’ve got the moves to handle whatever life throws your way! Not convinced? Sarah & I have some insights that’ll help you shift your thinking and find your inner badass.

  • At the risk of sounding too ‘woo’…How would it change our relationship with others, with money, and with OURSELVES if we approached the world from the belief that everyone is doing their best? Sarah reveals how this mantra changed her life (and how you can use it to instantly feel better about the world and your place in it)…

  • What if the way to TRUE success is actually by following the work that fills you with creativity and joy? I share the eye-opening revelation I got from my life coach, and how it changed my entire approach to business (hint: fun at work doesn’t mean you’re lazy and unproductive)… 


This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Sarah’s Bio:

Sarah Walton is a success coach and business mentor who’s been featured on The Today Show, speaks at women’s conferences all over the world and has helped hundreds of women start and grow businesses they LOVE. 

Originally from Salt Lake City, Sarah spent her 15-year corporate career in New York City, navigating the male-dominated world of tech, managing a P&L worth hundreds of millions of dollars, working closely with Marianne Williamson, mentoring dozens of women, and balancing motherhood at the same time. 

She’s the voice behind the Game On Girlfriend Podcast, and she’s known for her LIVE “Coffee With Coach” streaming video conversations and weekly “Sarah Uncut” videos. She offers comprehensive online courses including The Game On Girlfriend Project and The Sales Mastermind. 

She also runs her exclusive Abundance Academy for women in business. Sarah has become the go-to source of inspiration, no-nonsense teaching and practical integration for women in business. She’s created a successful business and now speaks across the nation, offering her courses and workshops, which are designed to put more money in the hands of more women.


(14:30) Rhonda Britten – Fearless Living 

(04:06) Jamie Kern Lima 

(24:33) Marianne Williamson

(33:16) Lynn Twist: The Soul of Money 

(43:51) Brendan Burchard

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