Ryan Urban: I fired my biggest client (and I’d do it again)

Ever felt lost in the ‘finding your thing’ phase? Most of us are WELL into adulthood and still wondering what we’ll do if and when we ‘grow up’. If you can resonate, Ryan’s ‘no regrets’ mindset might just change how you approach going after what you want. If you’re feeling behind or uncertain about your path, this one’s for you! 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • What do you do when the career you’ve spent the last 20 years honing is no longer there? Ryan’s got idea on how to make the transition smooth, with minimal meltdowns and existential crises… 
  • Making the hard calls: how to handle yourself when your top-paying client is also a top-grade pain in the ass. Ryan and I talk about the power of not only knowing your values, but sticking to them (this is just as much about protecting your peace as it is about attracting the right people)…

  • Spoiler Alert: you don’t have to go all ‘Full Throttle’ on your goals 24/7/365. Take it from someone who once ran away from her problems to go camping! Ryan and I give you a crash course in chilling TF out and opening up space for good things to come your way… 
  • Banishing the “woe is me…” mentality – Ryan and I are here to say that no matter how old you are or what your life circumstances may be, it is absolutely NOT too late for you. His unique approach to going after what you want will have you rethinking the ticking clock on your goals. 
  • Hear me out: That person you admire and look up to because they’re all sparkly and successful? They’ve got a messy closet full of problems and insecurities too! If you’re itching to escape the comparison trap and focus on your own life, Ryan and I have some tips that will drastically improve your focus… 


This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Ryan’s Bio:

  • Author and Podcast host, “The Business Owner’s Guide to Money”
  • Financial Consultant for Families and Businesses on a nationwide (virtual) basis
  • Financial Advisor in Colorado Springs for 22 years, sold the practice in October, 2022
  • Public Speaker
  • Formerly in Broadcasting for 20 years, mostly hosting entertainment-oriented morning shows
  • Former pro musician (it’s how I worked my way through college)
  • Moved to the Carolina Shores in Nov 2022
  • Married to Diana for 40 years
  • Two amazing daughters
  • Enjoy making music, time at the gym, working in the yard, being horrible at golf

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