Pain-free (and pressure-free, and pushiness-free) sales with Aleasha Bahr

Today I’m joined by the FABULOUS Aleasha Bahr. We’re talking about where the “ick factor” comes from and what most people get horribly, horribly wrong about selling (which inadvertently adds the “ick”). We’ll show you how to rethink your relationship with sales – a critical step to building a successful business. This one is like a whole high-level sales training packed into a tight 40 minutes… listen now!

Can’t-Miss Moments from This Episode:

  • Angie’s “walk of shame” moment: my though process that led me to dropping flyers on local businesses at 5am (and what I learned from my MISERABLE failure)…
  • SPOILER ALERT: you’re ALREADY a natural salesperson. Aleasha reveals all the subtle and obvious ways you might be fighting against your own nature (and success)…
  • Attention beginners: being new to sales or to your business isn’t automatically a sign of weakness. Here’s when it’s an advantage (and Aleasha walks you through how to make the most of that advantage)…
  • Aleasha rips apart the idea of “charge what you’re worth” and replaces it with a much simpler idea that’ll help you land deals faster…
  • Angie rant: I get up on my soapbox about why siccing the pitchfork mob on “problem clients” can backfire in the worst way possible (and what do instead to when you’ve been wronged)…

Aleasha’s bio:

Aleasha is a woman in a male dominated industry who is calling out the common lies perpetuated in sales.

Primarily, the lie that you have to do things that feel “weird” to win sales and experience hundreds of reps and rejections before you can be “good” at sales.

The truth is, nothing is one size fits all – especially not something as dynamic and unpredictable as sales.

She loves giving people a refreshing alternative – the Matchmakers Sales Method – Because if it’s a fit, it’s a fact and there’s no “selling” involved.

And enjoys giving people the permission to lean into THEIR personal strengths instead of acting like someone else.

In her experience, it ALWAYS sells more!

Has been featured on Rocky Mountain Marketing Podcast, Sales Game Changers, Business Innovators Radio and Outside Sales Talk.

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