Mike Lukas: Finding the Funny in Business (and Life)

Ever feel like you’re stuck on the world’s wonkiest roller coaster? Being neurodivergent in business is kinda like that, especially when everyone else is operating by some sort of “rulebook” we haven’t been given access to. If you’ve been feeling like everything you do is wrong and you’re screwing things up beyond repair, you’re going to like this one. Mike and I dive deep into navigating life with neurodivergence, turning facepalms into high-fives, and embracing your true self so you can show the world what you’re made of.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • What if we’re all just winging it? What could you achieve if you embraced the idea that everything’s made up and the points don’t matter? Mike and I dive deep on breaking free from Impostor Syndrome.
  • Time to flip the script on failure: we’ve all been there. Now that we’ve established that, time to shake it off and get down to business. Mike and I will walk you through how to transform your personal disasters into stepping stones to your Next Big Thing.
  • Let’s just go ahead and set the idea of “perfection” on fire, here and now. Mike and I will show you how to step into the spotlight, flaws and all, and watch the magic unfold.
  • Consider this: if you’re not happy where you’re at, maybe it’s time to mix things up. The universe might just be sending you a sign – are you catching them or burying your head in the sand? Mike and I reveal how setbacks can become signposts steering you in the right direction…
  • We’ve all heard about knowing where you’re going, and that without a destination any road will do. So what does that mean for YOU? Mike and I break down what it looks like when you’ve become your OWN roadblock, and how to clear the mess so you can move forward…

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!


Mike’s Bio:

Mike Lukas grew up in Cleveland and was a successful internationally touring comedian and improvisor (NBC, Comedy Central, Second City, CBS Radio, A&E) for twenty-four years before he decided to hang up his clown shoes and give writing a full time go.

A graduate of his own Million Words Challenge and the University of Dayton as well as the training programs at the Second City and iO Theaters in Chicago, Mike is ready to talk comedy with anyone willing to engage in such silliness.

The first book of his FUNNY MUSCLE humor writing series will be available in mid-May.

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Raised a Browns fan in Cleveland, Mike graduated from the University of Dayton with honors in 1987.

Foregoing a rising corporate computing career, Mike spent the next two-and-a-half decades writing, performing, and improvising comedy around the world:

Multiple national TV, radio, and comedy festival appearances

NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2)

NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien (2)

CBS Radio

Montreal Comedy Festival

Chicago Comedy Festival

Aspen Comedy Festival

National headliner at America’s top comedy clubs

Hosted and co-write The Straight Dope on A&E

Understudy for The Second City’s mainstage in Chicago.

Cast member of The Second City’s mainstage in Las Vegas and National Touring Company

Co-hosted and produced Crackin’ Up on CBS Radio in Los Angeles

Now hammering his keyboard out of Dallas, Mike co-raises his two babies when he’s not pumping out twisted short stories, novels, and non-fiction books that unlock the secrets of the universe.

And lots of fart jokes. Not for him, for the kids. Mike hates those. The jokes, not the kids.


He’s a frequent podcast guest and circuit lecturer (if you count his driveway), and Mike can’t wait to share his latest stories and theories with you if you’d only ask.

Mike’s upcoming ‘Communicate in Third-Person‘ workshop will be taught by me.

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