Melissa Harstine: Give Yourself What You Need to Succeed

When did life become all about that work grind, and when did we sign up for this never-ending “human doing” gig? Melissa and I are here to help you break free from this workaholic matrix and get back to what truly matters – the joys of human connection, happiness, and living our best lives. If you want to ditch the hustle madness and find better biz-life balance, we’ll help you kick hustle culture to the curb and enjoy life beyond the grind. 


Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • GENTLE REMINDER: Your work isn’t your worth, no matter what this capitalist circus says! If you’re busting your ass, always chasing “more” without knowing what’s enough, and measuring yourself (and your success) in dolla dolla bills, Melissa and I can help you with tips for breaking free from the, “OMG MUST PRODUCE” mindset.

  • Are you racing 100mph down that never-ending to-do list, cursing every obstacle standing between you and being done? Bad news: the work will never be truly done. Good news: Melissa and I will show you why never hitting the finish line is the best possible reality for you and your biz…

  • Reasons why your brain is a jerk #2349181501: it lies. If you’re feeling like you’re impossibly behind or simply THE WORST, Melissa and I will show you how to transform your mean inner critic into your biggest personal cheerleader…
  • How to say FU without actually saying the words: almost every successful entrepreneur I know has a secret weapon in their back pocket. Having this is the difference between needing every gig that comes along, and being able to confidently walk away and wait for a better client…

  • Permission granted: the choice is yours, my friend! Whatever you want to build, you get to build. Wanna switch afternoon calls for afternoon naps? Do it. Melissa and I show you why building your dream business NOW (before you necessarily feel ready) is the best way to hit your goals… 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!


Dr. Julie Helmrick. (30:26)


Melissa’s Bio:

Melissa Harstine (rhymes with “pine”) is a customer insights strategist who helps course creators close the gap between what they want to say and what their audience *actually* needs to hear before they’re ready to buy. The result? Ideal clients convert faster, and the course or program continues to grow. 

She brings a unique blend of empathy and strategy to her work thanks to her background in journalism, copywriting, and nonprofit leadership. Melissa lives in a small town in Kansas that’s kind of like Stars Hollow. (Shout out to her fellow Gilmore Girls fans!) In her free time, she enjoys watercolor painting, attending college football games, and blazing through a good book.


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