Media, accidental expertise, and the elephant in the room with Adela Hussain

Ever wanted to get in the media? You’re going to love today’s guest, my friend Adela Hussain. This episode covers a little bit of everything, from the power of being unapologetically yourself to becoming an “accidental expert” to business breakups. We’ll show you how to lean into those often-ignored “elephant in the room” conversations that most experts tiptoe around, but that truly resonate with audiences.

Can’t-miss moments from this episode:

  • The magic 5-word statement that helps me uncover absolute story GOLD when working with my marketing clients…
  • What journalists and editors are REALLY looking for in a compelling story (hint: being perfectly put together and reaching a specific “level” aren’t even on the radar)…
  • Why aren’t we talking about this more?! Adela and I share our personal experiences with “business breakups” (and how they changed our lives in surprisingly positive ways)…
  • Stop creating in a vacuum! Adela has some thoughts on why your media efforts may be failing (and how to make idea generation WAY easier)…
  • Two critical questions to ask yourself whenever you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed (and one of them led to Adela creating an entirely new business for herself!)…

Join us for a candid chat about the beautiful messiness of business.

Adela’s bio:

Adela’s a disruptive publicist and is a master at helping you pitch your business to people that don’t know you…yet.

Known for her high energy and laser-sharp thinking, Adela creates equity in publicity by removing the gatekeeper and helps builds authentic connections between rising, ambitious, liberal entrepreneurs and world-class journalists.

Adela discovered she had a talent for pitching when she first started doing PR for her own fashion tech start up and was featured in 14 publications in 12 months, including the Harvard Business Review without pitching!

A former Management Consultant, she has been featured in the BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Stylist, Psychologies, Metro and 10 other publications. She was also a finalist in Cosmopolitan’s Self Made Award in 2017 and in 2018 she was in Sarah Woods’ Top 10 Female Founders In The UK To Watch list.

Her Pitch to Press Program and Media Mastermind, The Parlour have helped hundreds of founders fall in love with PR and master their media pitching to sky rocket their sales.

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