Making every decade better than the last with Bob Beverley

You’re in for a treat with today’s guest: Bob Beverley, minister-turned-therapist. He’s on a mission to make his 70s his best decade yet, and to let his light shine. We talk about a little bit of everything, from chasing your passion at any age, to putting yourself out there when it’s scary, to why you should give less f*cks.

Can’t-Miss Moments from This Episode:

  • “It’s too late for me, go on without me!” drama is not allowed here: Bob shares what put him on the path to becoming a therapist at 34 (and if you’ve been feeling like you’re behind, this one will inspire you to keep moving)…
  • What do you do when overwhelm shuts down your forward momentum? Bob and I have some tough love about what comes before confidence…
  • Have you tried saying it out loud to someone? I reveal my “self-induced peer pressure” trick for keeping me honest and accountable (because otherwise I’d break all my promises)…
  • How to conquer fears when they pop up (and no, this doesn’t involve suddenly becoming fearless)…

This one will have you fired up to get out there and light up the world with your gifts. Listen now!

Bob’s bio:

Bob Beverley is creator of The Sharp Club and author of The Daily Sharps. He has been a psychotherapist for over 25 years in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York. He works knee-deep in the trenches of despair, violence, confusion, hopelessness, and the human struggle for growth and well-being on a daily basis. The wisdom offered in this club has been road-tested in the emotional emergency ward he’s always worked in. He has written several books including Dear Tiger: A Book for Tiger Woods and for Us All, How to Be a Christian and Still Be Sane, The Secret Behind the Secret Law of Attraction (with Kevin Hogan, Dave Lakhani, and Blair Warren), and Emotional Elegance, with a preface by David Allen.

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