Karen Kossow: Knowing What You Don’t Want

Karen knows a thing or two about juggling a full plate (seriously, I don’t know how she does it). In this episode, we’re diving headfirst into the power of embracing the season you’re in, instead of the old system of burying it so deep it ends up bubbling to the surface like lava. Karen and dig deep into why figuring out what is NOT for you, can be key to finding what IS for you. Listen now!


Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Spoiler Alert: you don’t have to be an overachieving, pro-grind productivity machine to succeed in your biz (no shade if that’s your preferred flavor, but if you’re like me… you probably prefer naps). Karen and I show you what’s possible when you embrace a pace that won’t make your head spin.  #teamantiproductivityporn
  • Take what you need and leave the rest: some of the best advice I ever received. Karen and I reveal how we gave ourselves permission to stop indulging in “Shiny Object Syndrome” and start trusting ourselves (there’s some real magic in this convo that will help you get unstuck QUICK)
  • What season are you in? There’s a time and place for hustle… AND a time and place for rest. Karen has some hot takes for how to best lean into every season so you can crank when you need to and rest when you need to (all while still hitting your goals).
  • Why NO is one of my favorite words: Karen and I spill the wine on why gleefully flipping the bird to what you don’t want… can actually steer you toward what you DO want.
  • UTB (ultimate truth bomb) incoming: the reason everyone and their mom is teaching “The One Secret Trick to Instant and Everlasting Success™” is that (surprise!)… all the tactics actually work, depending on the circumstances and the person. So how do you know what works for YOU? Karen and I break it down.


This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Karen’s Bio:

Karen Kossow is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She works to help kickass female entrepreneurs create a uniquely authentic email marketing and sales strategy. Since 2020, 

Karen has built her online business to serve women who are looking to uplevel their email marketing with personality-infused, story-based emails that pump up the “like, know, trust, enjoy” factor. In that time, she has helped dozens of business owners create a sustainable email marketing strategy that converts Randos into Ravers…all while working from home and homeschooling her two amazing kiddos (who just happen to be autistic). 

When she isn’t busy helping other female entrepreneurs succeed, Karen is probably reading, spending time in her garden, camping with her family, or wondering what the sticky stuff is on the counter… 

Her first book “Your Kid is Autistic…Now What?!” hits shelves in mid-2023.

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