Kaci Ackerman: Running Your Business Your Way

If you’re not a systems whiz, no worries – there are awesome folks in the world who are ready and willing to help! Kaci’s got systems, operations, and automation down to an art form. If you’re getting lost in the weeds, bottlenecking your own biz, and in need of some serious breathing room, then listen up… Kaci’s game-changing tips and tricks will free up your time, streamline your processes, and take your business to the next level. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Looking for the key to business freedom? Try not reinventing the wheel! Odds are you’ve already got systems in place (you do have a method, right?) – you just have never written them down and evaluated their effectiveness. Kaci’s got a way of Marie Kondo-ing your business, but instead of just sparking joy, it sparks profits too…
  • Procrastination: your secret superpower?! Kaci and I want to flip the self-judgment on its head here. Too many of us beat ourselves up for putting things off, but what if we told you that tuning into that resistance could be the key to unlocking real changes in your biz? 
  • Spoiler Alert: if you don’t ask for help… you don’t get it. (There’s no special award for struggling alone in silence – trust me, I already checked). If you’re tired of wasting time & $$$ playing the solo game, Kaci and I will show you how to ask for help like a boss!
  • Attention anyone feeling personally victimized by Manic Monday overwhelm: Kaci’s genius ‘CEO Day’ strategy could be your ticket to stepping off the hamster wheel and transforming the chaos into calm… for good!
  • In a move that will shock no one: Angie’s not a morning person. (I have a strict “no calls before noon” policy – gotta get that caffeine IV drip working first!) Kaci and I dig deep into why the early bird doesn’t always get the worm, and how a more customized approach may be the key to long-term success.

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Kaci’s Bio:

Kaci went from dental office manager to being furloughed due to covid to running a six-figure business in less than two years. Kaci is a Certified Business Manager and ClickUp expert. Kaci has helped over 1000 business owners streamline their business with ClickUp. She saves CEOs 10 hours a week and increases their profit by 25% with a robust and automated ClickUp system. Some fun facts: queen of typos & truth bombs, allergic to alcohol, Netflix binger, sports fan, bike rider, friends obsessed (she’s 100% Monica!). 

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