Episode 34: Jon Reyes

What do you do when fear stops you in your tracks? Most of us either figure it out or run – and there’s nothing wrong with that since it’s just your brain kicking into “fight or flight”. But what if instead of running away from something scary, you embraced it? I was shocked when Jon and I stumbled upon a common tactic we had for dealing with things that terrify us… by leaning in and learning everything we could. Listen to this episode for our favorite way to loosen fear’s hold on your future. 

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Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • The common trait most entrepreneurs share (and it’s got nothing to do with access to money or a big-ass network)… do you have it?
  • Why so many would-be entrepreneurs fail when they first start out in biz (this one ensured my first foray into business was a failure… and dealing with it made my second attempt a success)

  • Employee or entrepreneur… or some sort of weird in-between limbo? Why do you have to choose? Jon’s eye-opening perspective redefines what happens when you “fail” as an entrepreneur.

  • “Is this like a power play?” what happened when a potential business partner asked Jon a simple question – and how it changed his entire approach to business

  • Are you learning how to play softball by watching YouTube videos, or are you getting out there to play the game? Jon’s personal experiment that helped him make a massive leap forward 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Jon’s Bio:

My name is Jon Reyes.

I’m a successful copywriter who penetrated the Influencer Marketing space, starting in 2013.

Within my first year… 

I began to dominate the influencer marketing space as an aggressive, hungry copywriter and direct response marketer.

To date, I’ve generated multiple 8-figures in revenue for some of the biggest, heavy-hitting names around today.

And I have no intention of looking back.

Long story short…

I continue to geek out on persuasion and direct response marketing while scaling up coaches, influencers, thought leaders, and leading agencies… while coaching and collaborating with execs and junior copywriters as well.

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