Episode 32: Darren Hanser

Literally the week everything started shutting down for COVID, Darren and I were at a conference bonding over a mutual love of grilled cheese. That led to a fascinating conversation about mental health and running a business that we did our best to recreate here. In this episode, Darren and I talk about how to maintain your business’s most important asset — you. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • If your reaction to not performing at your best is “I suck! I need to buy a course and get a VA!” — Darren and I have a kinder (and more effective) approach for you

  • What’s the better productivity hack — indulging in screen time and afternoon naps or meditation and morning pages?

  • What a drunk girl and a smoothie can teach you about your business…

  • “Oh, it’s my anxiety, oh it’s my depression” – almost everyone struggles with mental health at one time or another, especially since the pandemic. But is knowing and naming the challenge you’re facing actually help you, or keep you stuck and comfortable?

  • “Dude, do you need a bandaid or something?” — Darren’s strategy for breaking the taboo of mental health silence is so simple and so needed. 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Darren’s Bio:

Darren Hanser is a direct response copywriter, consultant, and marketing strategist who works mostly with health supplement companies and to improve conversions and order values using his Offer ARC Method. 

He’s become a go-to resource for a number of direct response copywriters and offer-owners who need fresh eyes on their headlines, hooks, and offers through his weekly Attention Freaks copy critique mentorship group.  

Darren has worked with some incredible brands like mindbodygreen, Mindful Health, Pure Health Research, Just Thrive Probiotic, and many more.  

In addition to his marketing work, Darren has become a strong voice for Mental Health awareness through sharing his experience with depression, anxiety, and being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.

He’s @darrenhanser everywhere online, his website is DarrenHanser.com and you can also get FREE access to the brand new “Indulgent” Headline masterclass right now at AttentionFreaks.com.

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