Episode 26: Cindy Childress

Entrepreneurs have a few characteristics in common – they’re curious and they think big. That’s exactly how Cindy went from unemployed to personal trainer to Amazon best seller. With a little help from Google along the way, Cindy discovered the exponential opportunity of entrepreneurship. If you’re wondering what you need to get started, this one’s for you (psst… you already have it).

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • You’re an employee OR an entrepreneur… but what if you could be both? Cindy shares her wealthy mindset that tackles head trash and the either-or myth of entrepreneurship 
  • Ever get salty because you feel like you could have charged more for a service? Mini rant on operating by The Pro Code and lessons from the school of hard knocks 
  • Never compare yourself to anyone else – but what if it could motivate you to make the change you need? The only time I’ll every say comparison is useful 
  • Your self-worth does not equal your hourly rate. What you need to look at beyond just the numbers 
  • Ending an episode with a story about getting fired? Yup. The fantastic lesson from this story makes it a high note to end on. 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Cindy’s Bio:

Dr. Cindy, The Expert’s Ghostwriter, is a ghostwriter and book editor for entrepreneurs that want to write books that make money and make an impact. Her business, Childress Business Communication, took bronze for Most Innovative Company of the Year for the Stevie Awards for Women in Business 2020. Her clients go on to achieve bestseller status, give TEDx Talks, and win book awards.

With her Ph. D. in English with a creative dissertation from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, she blends the passion of a creative writer and the rigors of academic and technical writing. This understanding of the creative process and systems for performance underscore her signature course, Crank Out Your Book in 8 Weeks, and Success Story, a 6-week writing course for business owners to write personal stories that engage and attract their best clients.

She also teaches creative writing classes with Writespace Houston and is on the Advisory Board for Women Helping Women 2 Network. She’s also a foster mom with Citizens for Animal Protection in Houston, TX. 

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