Defying ‘Normal’ to Build Your Business Edge with Erin Marcus

Please welcome to the show the DELIGHTFULLY unfiltered Erin Marcus of Conquer Your Business. Strap in folks, ’cause this one is all about embracing your own special brand of weird, leaving toxicity in the rearview, and writing your own damn rules. Tune in for inspiration  on how to design your ideal life and career around your unique talents and interests.

Can’t-Miss Moments from This Episode:

  • The “Year of Failure” experiment: Erin gets real about giving herself a year to figure things out where everything was allowed (and how it impacted her entire business trajectory)…
  • Can you hear me now? Erin and I talk about the life-changing magic of ADHD meds kicking in to quiet the 24/7 mental chatter…
  • Hustle culture can die in a fire. #IsaidwhatIsaid — Erin gets good and ranty about hustle culture, what self care REALLY looks like, and designing businesses that are easy for YOU and massively valuable for your clients…
  • Call you never! Tired of toxic people draining the very heart and soul out of you? Erin’s got some great gold nuggets on intentionally surrounding yourself with people you genuinely like (and how to kick toxicity to the curb)…
  • Perhaps my favorite truth bomb of all: you gotta be “too much” in real life so you’re “just enough” for the internet. Erin breaks it all down in our convo…

If I could sum this up in one pithy quote: permission to let your freak flag fly! Listen now!

Erin’s bio:

Erin Marcus is the founder and CEO of Conquer Your Business, an international company helping driven entrepreneurs and small business owners get the financial and emotional freedom they need to build a business and a life they’re proud of.

Having made the successful leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur, Erin uses that experience, along with her MBA education and street smart upbringing, to help her clients reach heights they never dreamed possible. And have fun doing it!

Erin is also an international speaker and the host of Ready Yet?! Podcast

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