Celi Arias: On Building a Grown Ass Business

Celi launched her first business at aged 10 – yep, you read that right. Back then she thought the road to success meant a ton of hard work, struggle, and hustle. These days she’s flipped the script and is all about turning your business dreams into a reality (without the burnout). If you’re stuck in the “no-pain-no-gain” loop, Celi’s about to drop some knowledge, and what she has to say will have you rethinking everything. Listen now!

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

    • I’m calling BS: from the time we learn to talk we’re told to blend in and play by the rules. We’re DONE with that nonsense, and Celi and I are here to show you how embracing your uniqueness is the rocket fuel you need to get where you’re going… fast.
    • Spoiler Alert: Success doesn’t do vague. You’ve got to be crystal clear about your goals in order to hit your targets–but it’s one thing to say “set clear goals” and another thing entirely to know HOW to do it. Celi shares her hard-won wisdom on setting a rock-solid vision (and this might just inspire you to dream even bigger).
    • Are you the boss or did you recreate your cubicle? Celi and I see too many people proudly starting a “business” that’s basically a glorified job. We’ll show you how to recognize the trap and get yourself out so you can create a business (and life) that works for YOU.
    • What’s your flavor of fear? Are you hustling hard to avoid thinking about failure and other scary situations? Have you made best friends with procrastination and putting things off? No shame in that game, because Celi and I dive deep into understanding your fears so you can use them to fuel your success.
    • When was the last time you made time for fun? That is NOT a trick question, my friend. Celi and I are spilling the tea on why fun isn’t just a luxury—it’s brain fuel!  We’re even throwing in some neuroscience to prove this isn’t just our excuse to goof off…


This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Celi’s Bio:

Through her coaching, proprietary programs, and advisory work, Celi Arias is serving up a totally unique approach to mastering the fundamentals of sustainable seven-figure success. Her goal? To help creative entrepreneurs develop the systems, strategies, and mindset tools that will transform them into world-class CEO’s (and happy, satisfied humans). She calls it “building a Grown Ass Business”, or giving yourself the gift of the G.A.B.”, and her work’s been featured on Entrepreneur.com, Nasdaq, Business Insider and several private communities. For more from Celi, stop by www.grownassbusiness.com to learn about her programs for building a G.A.B. 


  • (05:11) Tracy Litt – Mind Magic work
  • (07:27) Tony Robbins 

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