Brittany McBean: Redefining “Value” and Knowing Your Worth

What’s the difference between freelancing and becoming a business owner? Brittany and I are digging into this one in all its cringey glory, complete with stories of our own failures. If you’ve got your eye on becoming the CEO of what you’re building, this one’s all about giving you permission to embrace trial and error, make messy mistakes, and keep moving forward. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Contrarian take: you don’t need to be a content-churning machine showing up on every corner of the internet. With social media already bursting at the seams, no need to add to the chaos. Brittany and I will show you how (and when) to show up YOUR way… 
  • What’s the difference between you and the successful person whose business and style you really admire? Odds are that at some point they thought, “I can do this” and then they went and figured out how to do it. Brittany and I explore how head trash holds us back (and what to do when Impostor Syndrome rears its ugly head)… 
  • Sneaky self-sabotage alert: how much are you giving away? If you’re out there giving away your best stuff in the name of providing value, Brittany and I have a game-changing perspective on charging for your time and expertise… 
  • The math has to math! Keeping your prices low has a side effect: it’s a one-way ticket to the Land of More Work. Dreaming of income goals but got major money blocks standing in your way? Brittany and I have some strategies to help you out… 
  • STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT THEY CAN AFFORD. It’s distracting you from reality: your prices aren’t just a number – they’re a megaphone blasting out how much you value your work (and time). Here’s why your “value” pricing could be sending the wrong signals to the people you most want to work with… 


This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!


Brittany’s Bio:

Brittany McBean is a launch strategist & conversion copywriter who specializes in anti-sleazy, ethical, high-converting copy for online course creators & educators.

Through her research-based messaging strategy and copy, she helps her clients generate multi 6 & 7 figure revenue with their launches and funnels through empathy-based messaging and ethical marketing practices.

She’s worked with industry leaders such as Rick Mulready, Lattice Hudson, and Brandi Mowles.

She believes that Black lives matter now and always, marketing needs to help, not harm, and that it’s our responsibility to use our platforms to build up, magnify, and support historically and systemically marginalized people

When she’s not trying to redistribute wealth in the world and dismantle the system by eliminating harmful marketing practices steeped in privilege & manipulation…

You’ll find her chasing her child around the house screaming, “Stop eating that!”

Her love languages are pizza, sarcasm & naps.

She believes in the Oxford comma and will fight you on it.



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