87: Heather Campbell

At the height of her corporate career, Heather got the call from her boss: I’m flying into town and we should talk. That’s how she got thrown head-first into the entrepreneurial world. She was able to transform that uber uncomfortable experience into a purpose and passion-driven business. To find out what happens when you let go of perfection and embrace being human, listen now.  

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • A one-person business doesn’t need a brand, right? WRONG! Heather explains why you already have a brand even if you didn’t consciously create it… and how getting intentional about your branding will make things easier not just for your clients but you, too!

  • Do you love cringy confessionals full of past mistakes? You’re gonna love this one, because Heather and I expose our non-perfect humanness as we share some lessons we learned the hard way (sometimes more than once).

  • Being positive doesn’t mean everything is rainbows and glitter or you’ve failed, just like does being a realist doesn’t mean turning your heart into a skeptical black nugget of coal who sees no hope. Heather shares her strategy to find growth in any situation.

  • Wanna practice being a more compassionate human being? Go for a drive. Heather and I share some valuable business and life lessons we’ve learned behind the wheel.

  • You’ve heard you can’t pour from an empty cup, but guess what? You can’t pour into a full one either. If difficult client situations make you gear up for battle, Heather’s story might change your strategy (and save you some unnecessary angst!). 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Heather’s Bio:

I’m Heather Campbell. Branding strategist, creative problem-solver, digital marketing sherpa, Pearl Jam fan, eternal optimist, avid gardener, occasional foulmouth.

I founded Double Dutch Creative in 2014, after a successful career leading branding, marketing, and strategic communications programs for multi-billion-dollar companie, where I earned a reputation for connecting business vision to deliverables that engage, inform and motivate customers to action. My sweet spot? Leveraging websites and digital media to advance the customer sales journey and exploit efficiencies inherent in online channels.

I started offering online courses in 2019 to demystify branding and marketing for entrepreneurs by sharing the same framework I use with my agency clients to build six and seven figure businesses. 

Give me a problem and she’ll solve it – strategically, creatively, on time and on budget – with recommendations that are actually actionable and always measurable.

Ask my clients and students and they’ll tell you that I’m straightforward, resourceful, infectiously optimistic, relatable, and really fun to work with.

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