78: Vivian Garcia-Tunon

You’d think of all people in a corporate environment, an HR executive would feel empowered to speak up about troubling issues on the job. Yet Vivian never felt like she could actually change the workplace without risking her own job. That’s why I love her response… rather than sit back and take it, she left to turn her expertise into a new entrepreneurial venture. If you’ve been curious what’s possible when step outside your comfort zone, this one’s for you. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Empathy is a skill – you just have to decide you care enough to develop that skill. With practice you’ll be able to use it like I do… as a secret superpower you can use to put the kibosh on toxic situations (well before shit goes off the rails).

  • Mini-Angie Rant: Things NOT to say to your entrepreneur buddies. I know you mean well, but with all the love I have… just don’t.

  • Are you saying yes to an opportunity because it’s the right one… or because you’re scared? Vivian’s track record with saying “no” will help you see the potential and power in that small but mighty word.
  • Hear ye, hear ye: calling all cautious skeptics, would-be defenders, and stompers of dreams! What if you tried supporting your entrepreneurial friends vs constantly pointing out the dangers and pitfalls?

  • Surprise! It’s the IRS! Vivian almost called it quits when an unexpected audit threatened to derail her biz. I had my own panicky moment after an accounting snafu led to a big ass tax bill. Here’s what we learned about rolling with the punches so that the hits don’t hold you back… 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Vivian’s Bio:

Vivian Garcia-Tunon founded VGT People Advisory to partner with transformational leaders and help them build great companies. She is best known by her clients for her enthusiastic and straightforward approach to evoking transformational change and getting results.

Vivian brings years of experience in executive coaching, as well as a successful career as a Human Resources leader within financial services, private equity, and investment banking. Her specializations have included mergers & acquisitions, talent management, performance management, and change management. Throughout her career, she built high performing teams in fast paced growth organizations.

Vivian works with senior executives and founders to provide leadership, management development, and transition services, helping them achieve professional goals and corporate objectives. 

Vivian earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Fordham University. In addition, she has done extensive studying in Organizational Cultures & Design, Leadership, and Change Management. She also has received certifications in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching.

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