77: Adam Rosen

Overnight success stories are errrywhere in the entrepreneurial space but to get the details on what really is behind that success, you gotta go to the bar… or just listen to today’s episode with Adam Rosen. He achieved a major business milestone at an age when most people were more interested in beer. But that success didn’t come without challenges (like changing business partners, legal woes, and meeting investor expectations). Adam made it through by focusing on solutions, instead of getting hung up on problems. Listen now to get an idea of what solutions are possible for your business.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Wanna get more business? Here’s a radical strategy… stop pitching yourself! Adam’s view puts a new spin on the elevator pitch.

  • The goal of a sales call is to close the sale, right? Hmm… not so fast, tiger. Adam has a different approach you can try out for your next call (and bonus — it’s a lot less pressure!)

  • You’re on vacation (the first one in years) and you get a phone call from your legal team saying you’re screwed. Sound like a movie? It actually happened to Adam… and how he handled it is seriously inspiring.

  • “I have love for you” and “I don’t want to work with you” are not mutually exclusive statements. Adam and I discuss what happens when you don’t let your personal feelings get in the way of business.

  • Why the relationship-focused business model works way better than the “love and leave” approach… if you need an example, look no further than Adam’s experience with delivering bad news to his company’s investors. 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Adam’s Bio:

Adam Rosen is an entrepreneur that loves to support business owners and share his rollercoaster startup journey to help those on a similar path.

As a founder of a tech startup, Adam spent 5 years leading a college recruiting startup that was acquired in 2019 by a leading college marketing firm. 

On the side, he is a paid speaker and has coached hundreds of startup and small business owners.

His primary focus is on helping startups get more sales appointments, hassle-free, through his lead generation business, Email Outreach Company.

Adam also enjoys sharing stories from his journey and learning from others on their own unique path, through his podcast, “The Rise: with Skrizz & Adam”.

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