the one about the flaming saxophone…

Quick hypothetical question…

Say you’re looking to take a special someone out on the town.

You know your sweetheart adores live music.

But you?

Music’s never really been your thing.

You just REALLY want to show your favorite music buff a great time.

And as luck would have it, you’ve never heard any of the bands on the playbills tonight.

Not. A. Single. Damn. One.

Determined, you press on.

You remember a couple clubs with an amazing vibe and an even more amazing drink selection.

So now it’s down to two choices.

It just so happens they each have live music tonight.

One describes their band as “smooth jazz”.

Another describes their band as a “traditional jazz quartet with a twist – the flame-o-phone”.

Which do you choose?

I know which one I’d go for.

If I’m going to see live music tonight, I want it to be the flame-o-phone.

Hands down.

Maybe you’d choose smooth jazz.

Nothing wrong with that.

Probably a cheaper ticket.

Definitely less of a fire hazard…

But there’s something amazingly intriguing about a jazz quartet with….









(p.s. there actually is a band out there with a flame-o-phone)

You may be wondering what this has to do with your product marketing…

Day in and day out, your customers are searching for your products.

And they’re not experts in those products the way you are.

So when everything else is equal – good reviews, right price – they’re much more likely to buy the one that sounds interesting or useful.

In other words…

Many of you product sellers out there have your own version of a flaming saxophone.


So today’s exercise – spend some time playing with your product and really getting excited about it.

Learn its coolest features inside out.

And then use what you discover to replace the manufacturer’s dry, boring copy.

You might be surprised at the difference it makes…



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