KMA: fear can serve you or stop you

It’s time to kick Monday’s ass…

Welcome to another Tuesday edition of Kick Monday’s Ass.

I didn’t forget my days of the week this time, but I did do something I haven’t done in SIX WEEKS… I took a day off.

I didn’t open my laptop ONCE yesterday. Hell, I even tried to stay off my phone.

I read. I weeded. I dug up half my backyard, because those plant babies I showed you last week are suddenly plant godzillas. They’re crowding their pot and now I gotta move them somewhere with room to grow.

I was wonderfully, delightfully, deliberately bored. And man, did I NEED that.

All this to say… we hear people talk about “balance” all the time in the business world. Working toward that work-life balance, yo!

Here’s how I think of balance – it’s a swinging pendulum. Some days it swings toward OMG DEADLINES EVERYTHING IS ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRREEE and some days it swings toward “well, I guess today’s a good day to go dig up a metric ton of dirt and weeds and OMG WHAT IS THAT BUG??”

I can’t ever imagine getting to “perfect balance”. The highs makes the lows bearable. The lows make the highs amazing and meaningful.

Embrace the swing. And every once in awhile, play hooky. It’s good for the soul

That brings us to…

Kick Monday’s Ass Video

Fear is a big ol’ bitch isn’t it?

Constantly showing up when you’re trying to do something cool and being all, “but what if you do this thing and EVERYONE DIES?”

True story: I once somehow connected me advertising my business to eventual and inevitable nuclear winter. Turns out I am NOT the bringer of the end of the world (you’re welcome).

But still… it shows up every time I’m trying to do something big, or I’m trying to embrace that calling I feel deep in my soul.

I’ve made peace with the fact that it won’t just go away. In some cases I even embrace it. Here’s what I mean:

(here’s a link to the video in case you don’t see it embedded below):

Fear is useful. Either it’s telling you that you’re in mortal danger and GTFO now… or it’s a sign that  big things are around the corner.
Fear can save your life – I mean, it’s there for a reason, and I try to listen to it when it tells me things like “maybe don’t poke that snake with a stick” or “you probably want to check that gear for the 15th time before you go parasailing”.

But when it’s trying to hold me back, I try to look it in the face and ask what’s the worst that could happen. What’s the BEST that could happen?

Balance your worst fears with your most audacious hopes and dreams… see if that doesn’t help tip the scales.

Badass of the Week

My badass of the week is you, dear reader.

Thank you for being here.

On Repeat This Week
This is my mood in a nutshell… drive. I don’t care where, just far.

Last week my family asked to get together for a picnic in the park – and they spent awhile needlessly worrying about whether the drive was super far for me.

But I put on my tunes and coasted. So worth it.

It’s Monday y’all… get out there and kick some ass.

Rock on,

“Be Quiet and Drive” by the Deftones


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