Adventures in podcasting: got my first haters

Before I started the podcast, I was almost paralyzed by the fear that I’d get haters tearing apart my work.
Then I get comments like this on one of my ads and I feel my old troll self coming back out of her cave and enjoying interactions like this a tiny bit too much.
May be an image of ‎1 person and ‎text that says '‎8:56 Cilm Replies 100% Q PaulOlier Paul Oliver SPAM SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, GIPHY 4h Like Reply Message ه Author Angie Colee Paul Oliver y'all do realize that every time you comment and engage, you bump me up in the algorithm, right? Appreciate the help, brotha... Just a small biz owner trying to do great things! Like Reply Just now Reply as Angie Colee GIF‎'‎‎
Wow this is gonna devolve fast 😂😂
May be an image of text that says '9:33 Replies 92% Dave Nield Wtf is going on with fb and all this shite 21m Like Reply Message 司 Author Angie Colee Dave Nield hey, welcome to the party. We're all bumping my post up in the feed so that more people see the podcast! Just now Like Reply Reply as Angie Colee GIF'
Will angry old dudes be able to walk away without trying to “win”? Stay tuned to find out, when we return with “As the Podcast Grows”.
Good news is I’m setting my advertising trolls rules of engagement early. I’ll be nice to them/give them the benefit of the doubt precisely once. After that they get their bullshit deleted and blocked.
I had some bozo earlier try to toss a link to his podcast onto my paid ad, with a snide remark about “if you want to ‘stumble on’ a podcast that actually helps people”. I left him a nice note but did call him on that comment. He did that “I’m not responsible for your interpretation” BS so I decided I’m not responsible for advertising his fucking podcast and deleted the whole thread 😂

I don’t particularly care if FB frowns on deleting comments. My house, my rules! 😁


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