your comforter doesn’t go in your washer

Fun fact I learned this week: washing big bulky bedding in an average home washing machine can throw off the balance of the machine, cause lumps in your comforter, or even shorten the lifespan of your washer.

So where does one wash comforters, if not in the washer?

I’ll give you a hint:

I don’t ordinarily make trips to laundromats to do laundry for my host, but my dumb ass left a bottle of enzymatic cleaner laying on it and didn’t realize that bottle was leaking.

When the wet spot dried, it looked way more “Stella peed on the comforter” than “Angie spilled a cleaner”. And I certainly didn’t want anyone putting their face near the stain to get a big ol’ whiff of suspicious, just to verify it was NOT in fact cat piss.

So I lint-rollered the shit out of the comforter once it dried, and then hoofed it down to the laundromat to wash it out. At least I got in a run to Goodwill and some good writing time too. You’d be surprised what kind of work you can get done at your local wash-n-fold if it’s got wifi!



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