001 – Rachel Mazza

When the idea of doing this podcast first crossed my mind, Rachel graciously let me “practice” on her, and our episode (my very first episode) turned out AMAZING.

We managed to get super deep in a short amount of time – and it turns out both of us have made tremendous leaps in our careers by “saying yes” and then turning to our old trusty friend, Google, to help us figure out potential solutions to pressing problems.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Rachel’s transition from 1-on-1 client work to becoming Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) (and the thinking shift that had to happen to help her succeed)
  • Where Rachel turns whenever she’s stuck or unsure what she’s doing… it always gets her moving forward (and you can use this to get unstuck too!)
  • You don’t need to know all the answers, but you DO need to have this vital skill (this one will help you be better at business, AND at life)
  • The real trick to learning and mastering a skill (it has nothing to do with studying)
  • The surprise lesson that led Rachel to immediately and drastically increase her prices
  • And the reason I really, REALLY wanted to share this episode first, is because it’s my “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” episode.

If you haven’t seen that movie (you should add that to your watch list ASAP), I’m saying that everything that could have gone wrong with this episode… DID.

We’re talking…

  • The A/C going out in Houston, TX in the summer, which led to…
  • Thunder and/or jets being loud AF through the open, swampy window
  • Cat yowling to be let into the office
  • Me completely losing my train of thought and announcing it
  • The electrician showing up and ringing the doorbell
  • My office door opening itself/poltergeists manifesting at a weird time
  • Me going on irrelevant tangents
  • My roommate interrupting to ask when I planned on shutting down the recording so the electrician could cut power

This happens to you right out of the gate when you’re doing something new and scary, and it’s totally understandable that you might want to quit… or declare yourself “not cut out for this”.

But I dare you to find evidence of any of the above in this episode. That’s right… Angie learned to edit. BOOYAH.

So even when you make mistakes or do it less than perfect… the point is to DO it. Don’t just dream about it.

And definitely don’t take mess-ups and mistakes as a sign you should stop.

Rachel’s bio:

Rachel is a direct response copywriter and sales funnel consultant who specializes in lowering traffic costs and converting more cold traffic.

She helps businesses with existing products improve their funnels by fixing broken links between the first customer touch point and the final sale.

When she’s not working one-on-one with select clients, Rachel coaches freelancers and business owners on how to write persuasive pre-sale pages.

She also co-hosts The Business of Writing Podcast, teaching writers how to build a profitable business with their writing skills.

Get Rachel’s free Cold Traffic Activation (CTA) Guide here on her website at RachelMazza.com

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