Rachel Mazza: Fighting (and Winning) the Burnout Battle

Look, I get the temptation to become one with the couch after a protracted busy spell – but there are better ways to keep yourself rested and refreshed enough to bring your best (and no, I’m not talking about wine and bubble baths). If you suspect you need a lot more rest than you’ve been getting, here’s the permission you’ve been waiting for. Rachel and I will show you why it’s not just important for your mental health, but critical to your lasting success.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Dropping a truth bomb: “No” isn’t mean, it’s essential. And it doesn’t require reasons or justifications, period. When you hear what Rachel and I have to say about the power of, “No” you’re going to be sprinkling it into a lot more of your interactions…
  • Guess what? You gotta exercise more than just your body – willpower and creativity are muscles too, and if you haven’t been using them it’s likely you’re (understandably) underperforming. Rachel and I will show you how to stay disciplined when you need to (or goof off when you need to)… no guilt necessary.
  • Leadership starts now: one thing that really gets me riled up is this unspoken idea that we only become leaders at a certain “level.” I call BS. Practice the skills now so that when your team needs you, you know what to do. Rachel and I will show you the “dividing line” trick that helps us keep our heads cool (and our relationships strong).
  • What’s the plan, man? Look: low energy days are gonna happen, especially if you’re a caretaker, strapped for cash, or dealing with chronic illness or any other of the myriad challenges of being human. Rachel and I reveal how we create “wins” AND rest on low-energy days (and it’s easier than you think).
  • How do you know which action is moving you forward, and what’s busy work that only makes it SEEM like things are getting done? Rachel and I share our favorite planning strategies (and these work even if you don’t see yourself as particularly organized). 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Rachel’s Bio:

Rachel is a direct response copywriter and sales funnel consultant who specializes in lowering traffic costs and converting more cold traffic.

She helps businesses with existing products improve their funnels by fixing broken links between the first customer touch point and the final sale.

When she’s not working one-on-one with select clients, Rachel coaches freelancers and business owners on how to write persuasive pre-sale pages.

She also co-hosts The Business of Writing Podcast, teaching writers how to build a profitable business with their writing skills.

Get Rachel’s free Cold Traffic Activation (CTA) Guide here on her website at RachelMazza.com

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