Lisa Levy: Quit or Commit: When is the right time to leave your job?

Join me and Lisa for a deep dive into the wild world of entrepreneurship. I love this one, because of how bravely she faced the unknown. Sometimes plunging headfirst into it is the best way to make waves! Lisa tells us all about her journey from corporate to business owner, and the bigger vision she had for companies as a trusted consultant. (And if you’re a roller coaster fan, we’ve got a LOT of great metaphor in this one!)

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Plot twist: if you hate something in your biz, there’s no law saying you HAVE to do it. So what do you do instead? Lisa and I have some thoughts on playing to your strengths and doing things you *gasp* ENJOY…
  • Take the ick out of sales: opening your sales call with “Hey, Just checking in” might just be tanking your chance of closing a deal (and making everyone uncomfortable in the process). Ditch the fake pleasantries and try out Lisa’s ‘human connection-inspired’ approach instead…
  • Spoiler Alert: Things break down (I’m looking at you, technology). So how do you stop the $hIt hitting the fan when they do? Lisa’s take on documenting systems and processes may just be your lifesaver when the worst inevitably happen…
  • Ever been told you’re wrong for doing what feels right? Here’s what it means to embrace what works for you (all the while having fun flipping the bird to the conformity police)…
  • Hands up if you LIKE change. (If your hands are up, I’m checking for flaming pants.) Humans and change? Classic combo for a resistance party. Lisa’s unveiling the Hogwarts-level magic that happens when you not only embrace change but keep it alive over time…

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa L. Levy loves a good puzzle. After witnessing the confusion that ensued after new technology systems were integrated into offices in the early 2000s, she didn’t panic. She saw an opportunity to establish effective processes that support employees and businesses grappling with evolving technology. Then a pattern emerged: internal teams kept failing to communicate with one another in the wake of change. To respond, Lisa founded Lcubed Consulting. Lisa helps companies align people, processes, and technology to utilize agility as a strategic advantage and acknowledge change is a business constant. Her secret sauce to success is leveraging key elements of Project Management, Process Performance Management, Internal Controls, and Organizational Change Management to build teams with the skills and capabilities to drive strategic results.

Lisa is a 3-time #1 best-selling author. In her book, Future Proofing Cubed, she shares her insights on productivity, profitability, and process refinement in business. Lisa’s goal is to prepare her clients with the skills, capabilities, and self-reliance they need to thrive in the future without Lcubed’s guidance. With this notion, she has broken the typical consulting model.

She holds her Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Management from Northern Arizona University. She is a Project Management Professional and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Lisa was recognized as one of the Top 50 Female Leaders in Phoenix, by Women We Admire in 2022, as one of the Top 10 Women Leaders, by Industry Era in 2021 and Lcubed was recognized as a Top Change Management Consulting Company, HR TECH Outlook in 2020.

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