Justin Blackman: Being “The Brand” vs Being Yourself

Say hello to Justin, well known for being one of the funniest copywriters out there. Post-divorce and some serious business evolution, he realized cracking jokes every minute didn’t feel quite right. What’s a funny guy to do when jokes have become part of the brand? Justin’s here to school us on the art of rolling with punches, and embracing the fact that, like fine wine, we humans grow, change, and get better with time… Listen now! 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • If you’ve been donning the disguise of the ‘professionally accepted’ you to lure in clients and earn respect… Justin and I are here to snatch that mask off. We’re deep-diving into why, in a crowded ocean of competition, embracing your unique self is not just a power move but the ultimate marketing strategy… 
  • Plot Twist: forget creating something 100% unique – it’s overrated (and doesn’t really exist anymore). If that’s been stopping you from getting yourself out there, Justin and I have some perspective that’ll get you unstuck and moving forward with confidence… 
  • How often do we speak our minds versus crafting responses based on what we think others want from us? (If you claim to be 100% honest 100% of the time, I’d like to point out that your pants are on fire.) My story from my days waiting tables will open your eyes to what people REALLY want to hear… 
  • Mosh pit marketing: how a story I kept hidden for more than six years spilled out in a professional setting (hint: alcohol was involved), and changed everything about the way I do business… 
  • To be vulnerable, or not to be vulnerable? Where’s the ‘sweet spot’ in opening up? Justin and I reveal how to find the fine line (and when to keep things close to the vest vs baring it all to the world)…


This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!


Justin’s Bio:

Justin Blackman is a brand voice expert who’s written for more than 429 people and managed to sound like every one of them. He uses an ultra-specific voice mirroring process called Brand Ventriloquism® to analyze and replicate the nuances that make your voice unique, and documents it so you can scale your content without sacrificing authenticity. He’s created voice guides for Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Todd Herman, Bobby Klinck, and Danny Iny — and worked with top brands including Puma, IHG hotels, 5-hour Energy, and Red Bull.

When not embellishing his own bio, he runs workshops at the Brand Voice Academy to evolve your style and add punch, power, and pop to your everyday writing.

All the people say he’s pretty fly for a write guy.

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