Jen Hope: Kindness and Connection: Your Secret Superpowers

Too many of us wind up in leadership positions by default – either because we had the most experience or because we started our own thing and needed to bring on support staff. But truly leading people goes a lot deeper than knowing all the steps and creating the perfect “to do” list. Join us for a fascinating breakdown of human behavior that’ll have you embracing your newfound leadership skillz.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Wanna know the REAL secret sauce to becoming the kind of rockstar leader people willingly follow? Corny as it might sound, it all comes down to L-O-V-E. Jen breaks down how showing your staff (and yourself!) some love will take your team performance to a whole ‘nother level.
  • Uncomfortable truth: sometimes being a leader means stepping out of the spotlight and letting your people shine. Here’s why you DON’T actually need to be the “brilliant idea person” all the time (and why putting that pressure on yourself could actually hurt your business)…
  • Ever had one of those days where you stayed in your jammies and worked from bed? Join the club, we have jackets! Jen reveals why turning it up to 11 all the time is counterproductive (woohoo! Finally a reason to embrace your low-energy days)!
  • Tacos and TP: an unexpected turn in the convo turned into an amazing rant about flexible thinking, creative problem solving, and self-awareness. Check out this incredible breakdown about turning it all around when things are most dire (and don’t blame me if you start craving tacos)…
  • To melt down or not to melt down? In true Millennial fashion, I rebel against the notion that you have to “leave the problems at the door” when you show up to work. Jen and I reveal the surprising benefits of embracing your human side in all its messy glory…

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Jen’s Bio:

Jen Hope is an executive and leadership coach for startup leaders. With a background as the Vice President of Marketing for multiple high-growth startup companies, Jen understands the complexity of startup leadership. She leverages data and evidence-based tools that accelerate growth and scale individual and collective leadership.

A self-kindness and mental health advocate, Jen is passionate about creating safe spaces for women and non-neurotypical leaders in startup and corporate leadership. Clients will tell you that Jen provides systems and habits that improve life and leadership. They love the sharp insights, structure, compassion, and accountability that come from Jen’s coaching process. Jen’s client list includes Tenable, Oracle,, TOMBOYX, DocuSign, Relayr, BlueJacketeer, and Uplevel.

When Jen’s not working, you can find her cooing over dogs, running the hills of the PNW, and singing all of the songs that play in her local grocery store and CVS.

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