Jacki Hayes: The Fail Learn Grow Business Model

Jacki approached each step of her career like a scientist. Everything was an experiment she could learn from — including failure. With each lesson, not only did her business evolve, so did Jacki! To find out what happens when you embrace trying new things in your biz, listen now.  

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Starting this episode off with a rebel yell: failure is an event, NOT your identity. If setbacks and hiccups in your biz have you feeling like a loser, let Jacki and I share a different perspective on failure.

  • My friend, take it from the woman who has fired all of her clients even though she needed money (badly)… you don’t need clients who aren’t a good fit for you (btw… it’s me, I’m the woman). Jacki eloquently breaks down how the WRONG client can hurt your biz

  • Ordering charcuterie boards and having drinks at the bar might not have the “marketing guru” stamp of approval… but I don’t give a damn! Here’s Official Permission™ to do your own thing your own way (and how it can help attract the exact-right people to your business)…

  • Uncomfortable truth: Your business can wait. That idea might make you twitchy and give you the urge to scream “BULLSHIT!” Stick with me – here’s why Jacki and I agree that business isn’t (and shouldn’t be!) your number one priority.

  • When life hands you lemons, add some vodka and have a party: Jacki reveals how to put a spin on setbacks and shortcomings and turn them into revenue generating opportunities… 

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Jacki’s Bio:

Jacki Hayes is a certified online business manager who partners with coaches to create hustle-free business strategies while they transition from 1:1 coaching to group coaching programs. She hosts Here’s What I Learned, a podcast about the behind-the-scenes of running a coaching business. Jacki is a Ravenclaw, Mani-Gen, Capricorn, feminist, bookworm, powerlifter, and super-hero geek. She lives on her Iowa homestead with her partner, dog, three farm cats, and 40+ chickens.

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