Episode 96: Belinda Smith

Bel is on a mission to create a generation of healthy, food literate children across the globe. The only thing as big as her ambition are the challenges Bel’s faced on her entrepreneurial journey. We’re talking financial hits, Pandemic pivots, and everything in between. Listen now to find out how you can deliberately strengthen your resiliency muscles and build up staying power. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Bel’s business had barely started when she got hit with a big financial whammy.  If you ever struggled with finding the silver lining, Bel’s story could help you find the inspiration in the challenge.

  • Sometimes all it takes is a picture of a burnt-out car shell to restore your faith in the internet! Bel and I share the magic that happens when you show up authentically because SPOILER ALERT: people like it when you keep it real!

  • “Holy crap, what do I do now?” said every entrepreneur at the start of the Pandemic. Bel took that question and flipped it on its arse to break the anxiety spiral. (Pay attention to this on – it’s not a hack, it’s a game changer.)

  • Time for a little myth busting: stubbornness is not a universally bad quality. In fact, Bel and I break down how stubbornness and success often go hand in hand (especially when stuff goes sideways).

  • Feeling deflated, NOT defeated! Bel’s story of a derailed TEDx Talk pitch gave me this little battle cry and I pretty much want to shriek it from the rooftops. If you’ve ever been disappointed when something didn’t work out like you hoped, you gotta hear this.


This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Belinda’s Bio:

Having personally experienced the impact food had on her depressed husband and anxious daughter’s ability to regulate their mood and participation in day to day life, speaker, researcher and author Belinda Smith is on a mission to raise awareness that nutrition is at the heart of health, innovation and protecting the planet. 

Belinda Smith is one of Australia’s leading Independent voices for Children’s Health, Author of The Lunchbox Effect, an advocate for real food for health and founder of The Root Cause.

Bel travelled Australia for 2.5 years visiting 100 schools, communities and businesses, empowering children, parents, teachers and teams to make better food choices. Her programs have now reached over 45,000 people. 

Bel supports families and businesses around the globe to improve their health, productivity and lighten their environmental footprint. She has been featured on Australian national and regional TV and radio, guest expert on ABC Radio Broken Hill and her work has been mentioned in Australian Parliament.

Bel loves supporting forward thinking leaders in schools and business to help their communities and teams thrive. 

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