Episode 95: Amanda Holmes

Heads up: Amanda and I cover a lot of ground in this episode. We’re talking life-altering events, massive achievements (like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro!), and even an impromptu concert mid-podcast! To me, the most impressive thing of all is how Amanda has stayed true to herself and grounded in her personal values through it all. If you’ve ever wondered what deep breaths and clear intentions could possibly help you do, this episode will blow your damn mind. Prepare to be inspired!

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Amanda’s first week as CEO was about as challenging as it gets – payroll issues, software troubles, and even a lawsuit! Instead of pretending she had all the answers, she asked the questions that showed her staff what she was capable of and handled herself like a TRUE boss.

  • “We’re climbing Kilimanjaro Monday, wanna come?” How a whirlwind trip (and one of the toughest physical challenges of her life) gave Amanda the faith and perspective to face any challenge coming her way. You don’t need to climb a mountain to use this strategy!

  • Everyone has transferable skills to help them succeed… EVERYONE. To prove that point, Amanda and I regale you with tales from our musician days. We’ll show you how filling tip jars and walking on your hands helped us build successful businesses.

  • What you focus on is what you attract more of, so what are you attracting when you’re obsessively thinking, “Can’t mess it up, can’t let them down”? Amanda shares how shaving her head helped her let go of the pressure of maintaining her father’s legacy.

  • Why the class I hated most in grad school wound up becoming my favorite (and the one that taught me the most) 10+ years after the fact. I reveal how a class assignment with ZERO instructions forced me to drop impossible standards, take massive action, and generate truly surprising results.

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Amanda’s Bio:

Amanda Holmes is the CEO of Chet Holmes International (CHI) which has worked with over 250,000 businesses worldwide. At age 24, she inherited her father’s multi-million-dollar enterprise, which specializes in helping companies double their sales. Amanda has merged her father’s proven process with her own forward-thinking ideas to connect the old-school sales process with hybrid online and offline instant gratification short attention span we see of consumers today. Her success has made it clear that she was born to lead. In the first two years of taking helm of the company, Amanda increased leads by 1176%, and doubled coaching clients two years in a row. Since then, Amanda has continued to scale the company making an impact worldwide with continued double-digit growth. Based on Chet Holmes’ New York Times Best Seller The Ultimate Sales Machine, which was voted in the top 10 most recommended sales books of all time, Amanda’s mission is to teach the last and most important lesson that her father never got to reveal to radically change the lives of those passionate about success and sales. 

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