Lucy Bedewi: Business on Your Own Terms

Lucy’s business is all about being authentic to yourself… which isn’t surprising considering her debut as an entrepreneur came hot off the heels of being fired for speaking her mind. But great things happen when you dare to be bold and 100% yourself. Things like creating the life you want! If you’ve been holding back on yourself, this one’s for you. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Lucy and I love our dads to pieces, but their career advice was geared more to the “suit and pantyhose” variety of career (can I get a hell no?!). If you feel like your career path was created by someone else, let us show you what’s possible when you make your own way.

  • I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: You don’t need to hustle and grind to start a biz! But when Lucy told me she was pulling 14-hour days to start her biz, I gotta admit… it made sense. We’ve got a few simple guidelines on when it’s time to hustle vs when to take it easy…

  • How hugging your dog (or cat) can make a big difference in your business and your success… (hint: what are you really doing this for? Are you creating another form of a job for yourself, or creating a lifestyle you love?)

  • PARTY TIME: why Lucy made celebratory ice cream part of her early days as an entrepreneur (and how to use this strategy to keep yourself going on tough days)

  • The fantastic thing about being a business owner is you get to make the rules. Even better? You get to BREAK those rules whenever it suits you. Where it could it pay for you to be more flexible in your business?

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Lucy’s Bio:

I’m the founder and CEO of My Write Hand Woman, a copywriting business based in Washington, DC. I started my business during the pandemic right after graduating from college and managed to scale to 6-figures within the first two years. I specialize in writing copy that converts for fast growth start-ups and companies.

I’ve worked with a variety of companies, ranging from growing solopreneurs to multi-million dollar brands. Some of my favorite clients to work with are coaches, service providers, fashion brands, e-commerce shops, and women-centric companies.

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