Episode 80: Vicky Quinn Fraser

There’s always plenty of talk about goals and outcomes when it comes to business, but there’s one thing not mentioned… a lot of those “success” measurements are beyond our control. That’s exactly why Vicky takes a completely different approach with her business and clients. It’s one that embraces experimentation, mistakes, and sharing your unique value and gifts. Been waiting for permission to be YOU in your business? Here it is! 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • PSA:  not meeting a goal doesn’t make you a failure… especially if you were shooting for an outcome you can’t control. I think you’re gonna love Vicky’s take on why “bestseller” status isn’t the end-all-be-all for authors (it’ll have you re-thinking how you define success). 
  • If you’re not cutting people open or saving lives, why on earth are you waiting until you’ve achieved “expert status” to get out there and do the damn thing? Vicky’s first book project is the perfect example of what’s possible when you give yourself permission to learn as you go. 
  • I didn’t think this had to be said, but here we go… no one came out of the womb as an executive with decades of experience. YOU ARE NOT BOSS BABY. Vicky and I break down why there ain’t no shame in starting off as an amateur.

  • Vicky’s “birthday present” approach to creative work… this quick mindset trick will help you produce more (with much less worrying and agonizing over the outcome).

  • Wanna guess how many times Vicky and I messed up big time? Listen in as we swap horror stories of past mistakes. SHOCKER: Our careers weren’t ruined! Instead, we used those mistakes to keep moving forward in our businesses (and we’ll show you how to do the same!)

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Vicky’s Bio:

Since 2012, Vicky Quinn Fraser has been helping people outside the mainstream write successful non-fiction books—not just on business, but on a wild, wonderful, and wacky range of topics.

Working with misfits, rebels, misbehavers, disrupters, changemakers, and revolutionaries, she makes it possible for people to find, tell, and sell their stories. Each tale is interesting. Each one is valuable. Each one is unique, and each has its own distinct audience.

If you’re after a “bestseller in a weekend”-type book coach, move along.

There are enough furnace-fodder non-fiction books in the world without adding to the pile, written to an uninspiring formula, and used as glorified business cards for people who want them to add a thin veneer of gravitas to their services. Not her thing.

Vicky helps people write books that are truly life-changing, for themselves and for their readers. If there’s a story inside you, bursting to get out, someone, somewhere, will be grateful you got it down on paper, and your confidence will grow exponentially as you realise just how valuable, and important, your voice really is.

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