Episode 65: Claire Fernan

Claire and I first met when she was a student in one of the programs I coach for. We were working on building and growing her career as a copywriter when she suddenly realized it wasn’t really what she wanted. Cue the head trash and wondering if it’s OK to quit or pivot. We talk about what it’s like to completely change directions, when to listen to your own heart, and owning your ever-changing identity. Listen now!

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Do you have a gold medal in procrastination? Here’s why Claire and I think that could be a good thing…

  • STOP DOING THIS: by “this” I mean thinking you have to start at the bottom every time you make a change. Here’s the good news: just by merit of being in the workforce, you’ve got certain skillz that make you an awesome prospect for anyone lucky enough to work with you

  • Why it’s so hard to embrace a big life change (hint: it’s directly related to what you call yourself, and how confidently you do it).

  • What if… and hear me out… what if instead of being afraid of failure, we could focus on challenging ourselves to lead by example, win or lose? Here’s what happened when Claire and I both got off on a ranty tangent.

  • When it’s OK to quit (and why the “never give up” paradigm is old and busted)…

This one is full of sass and awesomeness. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Claire’s Bio:

Claire Fernan is a writer, corporate flight attendant, Doctor of Pharmacy, and completely shameless when it comes to reinventing herself on the path to joy and empowerment. 

After ten years as a hospital pharmacist, Claire put down the pills and picked up a laptop to put her writing talent to use as a copywriter. When copywriting left Claire longing to share her own voice and perspective, she took to the skies in the world of private aviation.

When Claire isn’t making picnics in the skies on jets or pondering life through her writing, you can find her on her yoga mat or at the beach. 

To get the latest on her journey, follow Claire on Instagram @theclairemarie or visit her website: clairefernan.com

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