Episode 64 with Brenna McGowan

Brenna’s focus on helping people allowed her business to evolve in a natural way. At each step of her journey, she took notice of what she liked (or didn’t), what she was naturally good at that her clients weren’t, and what else she could do to help. Brenna didn’t get caught up on what her path looked like, choosing instead to focus on the next step. Listen now to learn how to lean into your instincts and keep your business moving forward. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Brenna got her first client before she even knew she was looking for clients! If the pressure of the big bad B(usiness) word has you stuck before you even start, we dig into what’s at the core of every business (SPOILER ALERT: it’s helping people).

  • How to spend $0 and still get the knowledge you need — Brenna breaks down how she used readily available resources to get started, despite the “shiny object syndrome” siren song of endless info-products, courses and online schools.

  • If your “work” days tend to become a Netflix binge of “Grace and Frankie” (just me?), Brenna and I have some advice on how to resist temptation and stay motivated when business gets overwhelming.

  • “Am I being flaky?” Brenna went from social media manager to email copywriter to VIP days to launch strategy in three years. Here’s why Brenna says you should redefine your relationship with failure as a positive thing.

  • Scope creep got you feeling salty with a client? I share how I reigned in a ballooning consult in a way that left me and my client both happy. This strategy is so effective Brenna was taking notes on it!

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Brenna’s Bio:

Brenna McGowan is an award-winning email copywriter who helps get the confetti out of your head and into personality-filled copy that glides onto the page.

 Going from a stay-at-home mom who just wanted to make an extra 500 bucks three years ago to a booked up, in-demand copywriter working alongside some of the biggest names in the space, Brenna has a knack for helping clients tell everyday stories that fill up their programs and jack up their open rates—all with a strategic pre-launch plan. 

When not hunkered down behind her MacBook, you can find Brenna walking her pug Frank, practicing yoga, reading chick-lit or shuttling one of her three teenagers around their Northern California neighborhood. 

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