Episode 47: Pauline Longdon

After struggling with (and almost losing herself to) her depression, Pauline became a woman on a mission to make her time count. When she decides to show up, she shows the hell up. Whether it’s flying halfway across the world to a conference or having the persistence to gain the attention of an industry legend, Pauline goes all in. Listen to find out how to stop counting on luck in your business and start counting on YOU. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Having a mantra for you biz or life may seem a little too “woo” but Pauline’s got a mantra that’s so damn powerful even the most skeptical realist (me) will get it and can use it. 
  • F*ck luck. Don’t you dare call either one of us lucky – we’ll hear it like an insult. Pauline and I break down what’s actually going on when someone seems “lucky.” 
  • Misery loves company, but is that company you actually want to keep? Pauline and I reveal the consequences of openly commiserating without guardrails or time limits. 
  • What’s missing from the “Big Why” philosophy of business and life – Pauline realized she was surrounded by people with big dreams and even bigger Whys that they just couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make happen. What she discovered will blow your mind. 
  • If you’re struggling to pick a path, Pauline’s got some Disney-inspired advice to help you break through the decision overwhelm.

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Pauline’s Bio:

Pauline Longdon is an author, professional copywriter, and marketing strategist. She specialises in Emotional Direct Response and Cognizant Copy. Pauline’s superpower is infusing her copy with empathy and authenticity.

As a copywriter, she’s been trained by the “who’s who” of the copywriting world and is currently one of Parris Lampropoulos’ coveted Copy Cubs (She is the first Australian woman to be trained by him).

Her background as a Registered Nurse and an Army Major give her a rich source of life experience. She uses her life experience to keep her finger on “the pulse of humanity.” And that’s what gives her and the copy she writes, a unique depth and Richness.

Pauline had to recreate herself after depression derailed her promising military career. On her discharge day, her brain was so fried she couldn’t read or write. She was functionally illiterate. Now she is a copywriter, mentor, and speaker.

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