Episode 45: Karla Brown

Amongst the goal-digging, hustle-and-grind entrepreneur culture, there’s some sage advice you don’t hear too often: take time to chill the F out. Karla is on a mission with her business to make rest a more common part of her life (not to mention her employees, and their clients). Now that’s a mission I can get behind! Listen now to shift your perspective to make your business work around your life. 

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • The plan is the thing… until it isn’t. If long term planning is holding you hostage right now, Karla’s has a more manageable timeframe to get you started. 
  • One simple tool to help you manage stress-related freakouts, big and small (this is one I use fairly regularly and it really works). 
  • What does “success” actually mean to you? Karla and I share our thoughts (and a few might surprise you) on defining success for yourself 
  • Reality check: even when you’re working 40 hours a week, you’re not actually WORKING 40 hours a week. I see you goofing off on the internet, friend! Here’s how you can use that fact to your advantage in your business and reclaim more of your time. 
  • Proud of your Lone Wolf, “I did it all by myself” badge? Here’s why that strategy is actually stealing joy from you (and everyone around you, too!)

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Karla’s Bio:

Karla helps people struggling with unhelpful beliefs as the result of trauma and loss. Through an understanding of how cultural, environmental and psychological facets have a role in a person’s wellbeing, she works collaboratively to examine and transform biological, relational and mental health patterns. Karla strives to foster an atmosphere of compassion, respect and safety while encouraging profound, positive impact and growth

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