Matt Peet: Big Risks and Big Rewards

Taking a chance and putting yourself out there is a scary experience for any business owner. When Matt approached a marketing superstar, he had a solid strategy but an even better mindset — no expectations. His continued focus on bringing value helped him pivot his videography business from working on weddings to going on cruises with his ideal clients. His story is proof you don’t need to wait for permission to go after what you want.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Mini-rant to kick things off: there’s a lot of power in following the obvious step in front of you. When you stop overthinking and just take it, cool things happen! 
  • Wanna get a guru’s attention? Matt shares how he got the attention of an award winning podcast host — and it might not be as hard to accomplish as you’d think. 
  • What if this thing I’m trying bombs!? Matt and I bond over our past fails, the lessons we took from those fails, and how we use it all in our businesses today. 
  • “What do you think took you so long?” Angie gets good and ranty over why there’s NO SUCH THING as taking too long on your business timeline. 
  • After years of (free) work, Matt wound up not getting the gig he’d worked so hard to land. Here’s how he reacted (and there’s a masterclass in winning business strategy in his response to a major letdown)…

This one is jam-packed full of advice. Don’t miss out – listen now!

Matt’s Bio:

Matt Peet is a videographer turned marketer whose goal is to help as many small businesses grow by learning how to market better.

He got his start with video in 2010 and over the years got to work with great entrepreneurs like John Lee Dumas, Andrew Warner, and the team over at Podcast Movement to name a few.

Matt then shifted his focus to Marketing after watching people waste opportunities to market their businesses with great video because they didn’t know better. He now serves entrepreneurs by learning about their businesses and showing them how to create and share content to get in front of more people.

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